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15th Houseless Bay Area resident becomes Homeful(Ness)

As politricksters call a useless State of Emergency in Alameda County Homeless residents of the Bay Area Build our own self-determined solutions to homelessness and move in.

New houseless residents are welcomed in at ceremony with all nations prayer from Maya to Africa-

While hundreds of eviction cases are filed since the end of the eviction moratorium in Alameda County- and legislators call a State of Emergency for Homelessness, poor and houseless people create a rent-free, healing model of housing and interdependence they call Homefulness and move in.

"For the first time in my life i feel like I can heal, rest and be safe," said Angel Heart one of the first 12 residents to move into Homefulness in September of 2022 when the City Of Oakland gave Homefulness its Certification of Occupancy, a long and grueling process that took over 10 years and was rife with over-priced permit fees and one obstruction after the othe blocking Homefulness' opening.

"Its funny to me that Oakland calls a state of emergency while ordering sweeps of houseless communities like Wood Street Commons, a perfectly beautiful houseless peoples solution to homelessness, blocks us at Homefulness and enables the eviction moratorium to rage on," said tiny gray-garcia, formerly houseless, now homeful resident and visionary of Homefulness

Since 2022, houseless elders, youth and families have been slowly moving into the healing first model of rent-free housing in Deep East Oakland.

"We ask permission and spiritual guidance of the 1st Nations Peoples of the regions we build Homefulness in and see this as a model for the whole of occupied Turtle Island aka the US, and the world, " tiny gray-garcia concluded.

Homefulness was actively blocked and prevented from opening for over 10 years by the settler colonial government in power in the City of Oakland, until thanks to the support of Sustainable economies Law Center and comeUnity pressure they finally allowed POOR Magazine to open this beautiful solution.

Homefulness was a dream of an indigenous houseless mama and daughter, Dee and Tiny when they lived in their car, on bus benches, in shelter beds, motel rooms and SRO's when they were lucky enough to afford them. Homefulness was only made possible because graduates of POOR Magazine's PeopleSkool radically redistribute to the Bank of ComeUnity Repararations or become members of the Solidarity Family which supports poor and houseless families, elders and children to build/create and vision their own self-determined futures, solutions and dreams. To get more information on how to build a Homefulness project in your area or become part of a powerful solidarity economy email or register for the next session of PeopleSkool.

This is the 15th ceremony since 2022.

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