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WeSearch findings on the Eviction Moratorium

The End of the Eviction Moratorium Causes Homelessness - a 2023 Youth PovertySkola Led ©WeSearch Summary (WeSearch is poor people-led research informed by the theory of Poverty Scholarship- Poor People-led Theory, Art, Words and Tears Across Mama Earth

Over 243 Eviction cases have been filed just since the end of the eviction moratorium in May in Alameda County-

POOR Magazine WeSearchers are 36 recently evicted tenants from Alameda County.

86% of the recently evicted tenants are low, very low-income or below the poverty line.

65% are single parents with children

35% are elders with disabilites

92% of the reporters stated that eviction from their homes has caused them to be homeless or dangerously housing insecure.

The following are two statements from POOR Magazine WeSearch Reporters

"Once we are evicted it is very hard for us to get back inside," said Lila, a mother of 3 who is currently houseless in Oakland and is asking to remain anonymous as she is afraid she won't get re-housed if potential landlords know her rental history.

“I am houseless now, after they ended the eviction moratorium in Alameda, I tried to make payments, I applied for all the federal aid, but I got long covid and I can’t work, I'm probably living in this trailer for the rest of my life, if they don’t arrest me, that is,“ said Mark D,

WeSearch Conclusion: Evictions stay on our records as tenants, making it even harder to get inside when you outside. Lila and Mark D are two of over 243 new evictees who just became officially houseless after the eviction moratorium in Alameda county expired on April 29th

Wesearch Youth facilitators: Ziair, King, Gabino, Gerry, Raheru, Tiburcio, Zion, Amir, Akil

Their conclusions:

Ziair- In my perspective, the mortarium should stay because it was established in 2020 when people were unable to work so they shouldn't be responsible for paying rent. The mortarium's termination results in people being evicted onto the streets, which leads to sweeps and power washing.

Zion- I'm one of the former students of Deecolonize Academy and currently a part of the leadership program. As someone with experience with being houseless in the past I side with continuing with the eviction moratorium meaning putting a freeze on eviction. So it can allow people to stay in their homes, and at least help not escalate the numbers of people houseless in the streets.

TIBURCIO-I believe that the Eviction Moratorium should continue, and that when it eventually ends there needs to be a solid plan of action to make sure the rent buildup doesn’t immediately evict everyone who couldn't pay during the Pandemic.- In addition that cities like Oakland and San Francisco should listen, honor and follow poor and houseless peoples solutions like Homefulness and Wood Street commons rather than making more of us houseless

Gabino- As A poverty skolar and a part of the youth program. I believe we should continue the eviction moratorium because gentrification is wrong and we shouldn’t treat Mother Earth as a product/sales pitch. Eviction is unjustified and it kills.

Amir-I feel like if they took the moratorium from the community it would be more people on the streets while we are still going to this pandemic and more and more it's too hard finding a job

King- I think people should not be taken away from their homes.

Raheru- I think there's multiple perspectives to eviction, the owner is running a business and needs their money and if someone isn’t paying then they might find someone who is gonna pay. The people living in the house need somewhere to live but can’t always afford to. There should be free housing for everyone.

Ziair - Also once we are on the street the city sweeps us like we are trash - We know That we poor folks have our own solutions - two examples are Wood Street Commons - and Homefulness- a homeless people's solution to homelessness- so maybe these cities and towns can actually support our own solutions and keep the moratoriums in place until they do

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