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Construction begins at Homefulness #2- Homes for Homeless Mamas for Mama’s Day

The construction of Homefulness #2, a fully off-grid project, is underway. The site where this visionary project will be realized was a plot of land that was targeted by speculative real Esnake development. Through the work of poverty skolaz, elders, and solidarity family, this land has been unsold and liberated to become a site of Homefulness!

So far, concrete foundations for the container homes have been poured, and two units have been purchased. We need support to buy and install solar panels for these homes for houseless mamas!

Homefulness is a Poor & Indigenous people–led solution to homelessness. A sweat equity, permanent co-housing, education, arts, micro-business and social change project for landless/houseless and formerly houseless families and individuals.

Homefulness #1 in East Huchiun (Oakland) now provides housing for families, space for Deecolonize Academy, PeopleSkool , Community Newsroom, Sliding Scale Cafe , the Uncle Al & Mama Dee Living Library, Revolutionary Radio on PNN–KEXU, and all of POOR Magazine's indigenous community arts & media programming.

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