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Houseless Mamas Have HEALing Solutions to Homelessness for Mothers Day

Updated: May 4

For Immediate Release:

Press Contact:s Muteado or Tiny/poormagazine (510)-435-7500

Houseless Mamas Have HEALing Solutions for Housing

Houseless mamas, elders and youth, who have created their own solutions to homelessness, propose a practical solution for San Francisco's hundreds of vacant and hoarded buildings in time for Mothers Day

What: Houseless Mamas Propose Homefulness for San Francisco for Mothers Day
When: 1:30pm Tuesday, May 7th
Where: Civic Center Inn Polk and Ellis, San Francisco

Homefulness - a homeless peoples solution to homelessness who just welcomed their 20th houseless family into rent-free forever housing will stand together with advocates and allies to propose a Healing housing soluiton for San Francisco's hundreds of vacant buildings in a time when violent measures and lawsuits like Grants Pass Vs Johnson are being adjudicated on to criminalize the very existence of houseless peoples and ultimately erase us from the face of the earth.

"All across San Francisco there are so many vacant buildings like the Civic Center Inn, these could be homes for houseless mamas like us," said Mary X, currently houseless, mother of 3 and resident of San Francisco

Homefulness was launched in Deep East Huchiun (Oakland) in 2011 by houseless, indigenous, Black, Brown and Disabled elders, youth and families, with permission and spiritual guidance from 1st Nations Ohlone/Lisjan relatives and ancestors and all Nations prayer-bringers from Maya to Africa

All the "solutions" put forth by poltricksters are never rooted in healing and interdependence, it isn't just a roof we need, its love and community, " said tiny gray-garcia, formerly houseless co-founder visionary of Homefulness. "Homelessness is violence, Homefulness is Healing," concluded tiny

Buildings like the Civic Center Inn which has been vacant for months could be quickly transformed into healing housing like the Homefulness Project, with leadership by houseless peoples, for houseless peoples.

See Testimonials from formerly Houseless residents of Homefulness by clicking here

Welcoming pictures of new Homefulness Residents

Homefulness4SF proposal
Download PDF • 420KB

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