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PeopleSkool is a Skool for the people by the people for EVERYONE

It is a liberation education project in the ComeUnity taught by poor/houseless/indigenous/bordered/criminalized Poverty Skolaz in residence at POOR Magazine, co-led by tiny gray-garcia and her ancestor Mama Dee in collaboration with POOR Magazine youth, adult and elder family. This is the "population" bringing the popular education.

We offer multiple workshops and ongoing classes for low/no-income/houseless/indigenous youth, adults and elders such as:

  • Book Publishing

  • Theatre of the POOR/Teatro de los pobres

  • Po' People's Radio, Video

  • Poetry and Revolutionary Journalism

  • Computer Basics

  • Ongoing ComeUnity Political Education on the systems built to destroy every poor/houseless/indigenous person they get

  • Workshops for other poverty skolaz on how to build our own self-determined solutions to homelessness like Homefulness


DegentriFUKation & Decolonization Seminar at PeopleSkool

The DegentriFUKation / Decolonization Seminar is a bi-yearly seminar geared to help people with race, class, and/or formal education privilege decolonize and degentriFuk their family, community, and self

This two-day seminar is geared to bring/teach the medicine of hoarded wealth/inherited blood-stained dollars redistribution, settler colonizer decolonization, the ongoing violence of the Charity Industrial Complex, The Real Esnakkke industry and the revolutionary liberation of Community Reparations to as many folks as possible because politrickster solutions are NOT solutions and we MUST spread POOR Magazine's poverty skola-led solutions in this time of so much mass distraction, unhoused, gentriFUKEd, criminalized, mass incarcerated, racism/wite supremacized miseducated, silenced and intentionally dismantled peoples- in the triple pandemics of COVID-19, Poverty, PoLice Terror and Colonization. This seminar is powerful for ALL people-doing work in law, medicine, social justice, history, art, media, ComeUnity, or akkkademia.

DegentriFUKation/Decolonization Seminar is held twice a year, in January and August.

It is held on Zoom and in person for houseless/community Poverty Skolaz.

DegentriFUKation/Decolonization Seminar

If you want to get involved in working and walking with POOR magazine, it is essential that you enroll in the DegentriFUKation/Decolonization Seminar. Email with any questions.

Gray Area Warning

An application and Sliding Scale Tuition is required to register—this is the first part of each participant's decolonization. Applications for people with race, class, and/or formal education privilege OR poverty skolaz can be downloaded below. We will go lower than the listed tuition—as low as $1.00 per person—and you can also make payments, but please pay what is truly possible. Poverty skolaz in poverty pay nothing. In the end, this is your decision, and your first part of truth-teaching/degentriFUKing/healing.

You can be both things (privileged skola & poverty skola). If you are both, then do the application for privileged skolaz and just indicate that you also fall into the other category.

And no matter what being CONfused is also ok—kkkolonization and Settler colonizer theft is CONfusing—Race and/or class privilege and blud-stained dolla hoarding is CONfusing—it's meant to be. Capitalism and all this stolen land is intentionally CONfusing—so come and begin the healing and climb with us out of the vortex of so much pain into interdependence, transformation and redistribution.

If you have any questions or need help with the application, please email

DegentriFUKation/Decolonization Seminar for folks with race, class, and/or formal education privilege

​2-day weekend seminar

Required reading

Three (3) follow-up sessions

DegentriFUKation/Decolonization Seminar for poverty skolaz

​Day 1 of the weekend seminar

Day 2 of the weekend seminar is optional

More options for other PeopleSkool classes/workshops

Day 1

Weekend seminar Day 1 ​is for poverty skolaz AND people with race, class and/or formal education privilege. It will center Poverty Scholarship & the medicine of poor, houseless and indigenous people-led movements & media.

Day 2

Weekend seminar Day 2 ​is for people with race, class and/or formal education privilege (optional for poverty skolaz), aimed at service providers, media creators, educators, organizers, researchers, artists, legislators, policy-makers, donors & philanthropists, students, community members, and anyone who wants to learn about following Black, Indigenous, POC, and poor leadership and aligning your work with poor people-led self determination movements.

Follow-Up Sessions

​We continue learning about poverty scholarship. All sessions occur 2–6 weeks after the PeopleSkool weekend seminar.

Deecolonize Academy

Deecolonize Academy
Copy of 20200305_144051.jpg
Deecolonize Academy is a multi-generational skool 4 the people, by the people.

As poor people of color in a society that was built off of us but not for us, we feel that it is essential to provide quality, relevant and realistic education to our Black, Brown, Indigenous & disabled youth in poverty, age 0-18, that will develop them into leaders, enhance their unique gifts, and uplift them to greatness to ultimately decolonize. This is a no-tuition school run by low income families. We teach relevant, conscious, arts- and science-based education, including subjects like: poverty journalism, math, reading, cooking, animal care, revolutionary art, and danza azteca. Our teachers are poverty skolaz, Deecolonize Academy graduates, Homefulness residents, POOR Magazine family, our ancestors and mama earth. 


Email for more information to enroll or to help support.

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