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Untour in Occupied Tovaangar Lands (LA)- March 14th-16th, 2024

Updated: Mar 12

Houseless, Indigenous, Disabled Youth & Elders Teach, Share, Pray and Walk Homeless Peoples Solutions to Homelessness in Occupied Tovaangar Lands (LA)


5pm Thursday, March 14th -Part #1 UnSelling Mama Earth Talk at UCLA-

12noon Friday, March 15th- Stolen Land/Hoarded Resources UnTour - Pacific Palisades- 21st and San Vicente-(pls text 510-435-7500 to confirm location)  

1pm Saturday, March 16th PoPoets Writing Workshop for Liberation- EastSide Cafe

4pm Saturday, March 16th Ceremony for Ancestors Stolen by Homelessness *& Politricks - Without community there is No Life at Van Nuys Orange Line Metro Station (6060 Van Nuys Blvd)

The Activities:

5pm Thursday, March 14th Rm 2235 Public Affairs Building - UCLA campus

UnSelling /Unsettling Mama Earth into a decolonial vision of Healing, Rent-Free forever Housing, LandBack and Reparations for houseless LA residents and all of us. (see attached flyer)

12 noon Friday, March 15th Stolen Land/Hoarded Resources UnTour thru Pacific Palisades - 21st and San Vicente (text 510-435-7500 to confirm location )  Walk with Indigenous, Black, Brown, Houseless & Disabled Peoples to lay down prayers, share medicine of Radical redistribution and ComeUnity reparations with communities who have extreme wealth and excess resources while houseless people die on the streets of LA- 

4pm Saturday March 16th - Ceremony for Ancestors on Aetna Street: Without Community There is No Life at the Van Nuys Orange Line Metro Station (6060 Van Nuys Blvd)

Weekend Events Co-sponsored by POORmagazine/PrensaPobre,Krip Hop Nation, Relcaiming Our Homes, Aetna Street Solidarity and more to come All ComeUnities welcome to walk with us/co-sponsor/pray and/or speak. 

"This mayor doesn't let you set up a tent in LA, so what happens? you just have people sleeping without any blankets or covers and protection right out on the street," said General Dogon, LA Community Action Network.

The weekend of March 14-17th Houseless Black, Brown, Disabled povertyskolaz from Occupied Huchiun and Occupied Tovaangar will teach, share, pray, honor and activate radical redistribution, ComeUnity Reparations and poor people-led solutions to homelessness in occupied Tovaangar (LA)

Launched with the first in a series of land liberation talks at UCLA , the weekend will include a "Stolen Land Untour thru Pacific Palisades, a workshop with low-no-income LA residents and a ceremony for houseless relatives who have died from classist, racist, ableist policies that target and criminalize poor and houseless residents of LA, but rarely house them.

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