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By AudreyCandyCorn aka SistahSaveASoul

April 7th, 2020

Excuse me as I push up an the lower vibrational side. But before I get started, I must put in a disclosure: The space I was in at the time was very conflicting. I and the children had experienced people in the community that had no problem stealing like artists often do. Sometimes it's true and sometimes great minds think alike! Other times they match things together which manifest into one thing or many things. Also, the manner of tone I chose to use was very distasteful, but at the time I was crying out for help. There is a part 2.

I needed my witnesses, and the post starts as SUCH:

Calling on

Tenika Blue Audrey Cornish Donald Lacy

Jame Steve Kenyale Nails Patanisha Alia Williams Monica Hockenhull Monique Alexander Monique Diamond Cox Snolen Savy

Tisha Caldwell Lynette Gibson McElhaney Katrina Harris

Now I may not be the smartest nor have tact... but this had gone on for 6 days now and IT CAN NOT BE LOOKED OVER. Steal like an artist.

THIS IS FUCKED UP, THESE 2MEN HAVE STOLEN OUR WORD. We the #Tazfoundation CREATED AND HAVE BEEN branding our movement. I #AUDREYCANDYCORN, along with #Amir and #Ziair aka Ishy—we #COINED and gifted to Donald Lacy. It was created out of LoEshe' and Torian Dajour Hughes Bonding Date and more behind the personal relations which birthed loveOlution.

My Nephew #AmunRa is our ambassador, has been since birth. He was born into the movement—This is a blood bond being added to the fabric.

We salute new members. Then we have them say the Tazfoundation Mission Statement in hopes our message is passed on, which is the bigger picture.

I / We met Dave Dummer officially with my children 1 year ago. He claimed to love the word and our energy. I told him DON'T TRY TO TAKE IT, me and my babies working on a world movement, people's be stealing, and I don't give anyone permission to use it without the permission of Donald Lacy, me, Blue, along with the acknowledgement of our great Ancestors Torian and LoEshe' helping us Love Life members to spread the word ...

He saluted me and my kids, promising to keep in touch, shout us out, or help put us on the map ... Ain’t heard from him in a year but this song Is now birthed and folks are giving him credit. It sickens my children's heart. They found it on the internet facebook so now it must be addressed by 11 year old Ziair, and now 17 year old Amir, and 7 Year old Amun'Ra.

And as for Jermany Curtis—he interviewed us as LoveOlutionaries on this loveOlution 6 years ago and has kept in touch.

So how is it we’re NOT MENTIONED or CREDITED, no payment of homage to the 3 lil boys who work hard for their art and craft, being the change you want to see in OAKLAND IRAQ.

Jermany Curtis. How does one collaborate with someone who clearly is stealing candy out of these babies’ mouths and their grieving mother. There is rules to this. Why Why Why would y’all team up on us? This is a FORM OF BULLYING... 1st hand.

If this is a misunderstanding, then FIX IT.

Now, both men have decided to add loveOlution to their name and film production... I know you know better.

NOT COOL. Shame on you BOTH.

One of you SHOULD HAVE HAD SENSE to connect with us. You think you’re going to get away with it—NO YOU WONT. I'm an Angry Mama Bear Hungry, and you have gotten too close to my cubs. I will prepare a round table for you both to rectify this bullying tactic of stealing the 1st original and only loveOlution. The song is gibberish that is not what loveOlution represents AT ALL. I know because I am the creator #AudreyCandyCorn's #loveOlution aka #LoveOlutionary #AudreyCandyCorn and #TenikaBlue #DonaldLacy.

For everyone else... roll call.

Tap in if you know who you 1st heard and learned of this word sooooo it’s #NOTNAMEDrummerLoveolution

Do Your Research #SoarTorianSoar

You brought this on yourselves.

CALL ME asap. There's the right way and the wrong way. This was not handled correctly. I know you like your song Dave but put yo self in our shoes. Wait, you did, and decided to follow through with it.

And this is why we can't get nowhere cause niggas want to be niggas and be selfish and see who they can take from and pretend, infiltrate till they get theirs.

And leave us with what??? How do u sleep?

Not on my watch. This is my second attempt, respectfully, and there is my contact. No excuses.

Sexism Genderism Discrimination Bullying

Material thieves, yeah I said it. Intellectual thieves... Make this right publicly and privately.

This breaks down community and village.

We have an opportunity to get this right, otherwise ignoring your wrong will just blow up the situation. As for me, I have no choice but to be the genuine person I am for my son's sake we NEED transparency. Be accountable for y'all actions because they do have and will affect the tapestry of OAKLAND.

Makes me think-

If I were a man, or if the children were men would this have happened? People pick they battles.

I don't know the right way to put this out other than how I am right now. Say hello to my other side.

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