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The End of the Eviction Moratorium Means We Become Homeless

Houseless/Evicted/Youth and families in poverty release WeSearch Findings & offer a proposal

What: WeSearch Release

When: 2pm Thursday, July 13th

Where: Oscar Grant Plaza Oakland City Hall Over 243 Eviction cases have been filed just since the end of the eviction moratorium in May in Alameda County- Quote from ©WeSearch findings compiled by youth and families in poverty in Oakland. WeSearch is poor people-led research. "As youth who have become homeless due to eviction we know that eviction leads to the homelessness of families and elders, " said Tiburcio Garcia, POOR Magazine youth povertyskola reporter 92% of the RoofLEss radio reporters cited eviction as one of the main causes of our homelessness. "Once we are evicted it is very hard for us to get back inside," said Lila G, a mother of 3 who is currently houseless in Oakland and is asking to remain anonymous as she is afraid she won't get re-housed if potential landlords know her rental history. The eviction on our records is just one of the many struggles we face once we are houseless, the end of the eviction moratoriums in Oakland and Berkeley will cause massive rises in our homelessness, said tiny gray-garcia- formerly houseless resident of Homefulness - a homeless peoples solution to homelessness. Houseless/Low-income Youth reporters at POOR Magazine have been doing this WeSearch as part of a Summer Youth Leadership program in media, art and social justice at POOR Magazine and Homefulness for youth in poverty. WeSearch Report on Evictions cause homelessness will be available at the press conference

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