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RoofLESS Radio at Share WHEEL

On March 26th, POOR Magazine visited with Poverty skolaz of Share WHEEL where they participated in the Scholarship/Empathy Exercise as a part of the RoofLESS Radio Street Writing Workshop. Here are their stories.

Pennie Gentzkow

Not a hand me down

The worst crisis would be relying on the education system to provide a wage that would support a family of three. A masters degree for a single mom was simply not enough. Even with child support from their fathers. This was a huge blow to my self esteem. Family departed from financial struggles. Ageism. It’s about the money or lack thereof. NO fault. NO Blame NO laziness NO Shame. All of my children went to college.


CRISIS- how many people exist

  • Why aren’t we educating people on the basic hygiene of a baby bottle cleaner in the vagina for prevention

  • How many jobs exist? Not enough to sustain the artificially inflated population; through miseducation, lies and propaganda. If you need organ transplants to heal from your misguided behavior. Pay women – be honest – stop lying

Workalem Aragaw


Anitra Freeman

My life was falling apart– job, home and family– and I didn’t find out why until 10 years later–undiagnosed bipolar disorder. One night, driving home from work, I stopped by a river, watched the dark water for a while, thought about just driving in. Wouldn’t it be easier on everyone?

I started the car and drove hours

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