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RoofLESS Radio at Nickelsville

On March 25th 2023 The Poor Magazine / PNN PNW (Poor News Network Pacific Northwest) Group of poverty scholars hosted a RoofLESS Radio Street Writing Workshop at Nickelsville. in Chief Si'ahl.

These are their stories.

Slam-Bio Po Poets Project Exercise

Name: Austin or Oscar

“Home”: Las Vegas

Where are your people from: Europe = (

A line about your struggle:

I made it out but

I wanna turn back

And help others make

It out too - in memory

Of all those lost to death, addiction, prison,

Or marriage Lovin you!

Your Vision:

Community of abundance beyond capitalism

No cops, no guns, no abuse, just love, peace, justice, and life. No pain, reparations, land back, embrace and nurture trans, all, or ?gender folks, real equity and quality no more injustice, court bench warrants, handcuffs, or prisons. No more time clocks, Nordstrom or McDonald’s.


Baltimore, descendant of East Coast slaves, unrecorded origin unknown, but not forgotten

I grew up like them, traveling, unstable, lost

My caged parents couldn’t see freedom

And therefore, couldn’t see me

But now I’m strong

But now I see

But now I’m love

Name: Haile

Where: The Great Pacific NorthWest

Where are your people from: Africa

A Line: The weather (being when dealing with things 24/7)- even if it is slight



Vision: -all organizations collaborate to get actual data that will do something for all those in need


“Where” you are trans

Line -3 about struggle

Fem (they/their)

Dogs, free city, New Haven, CT, also a world of g’s and og’s and ug’s

Having not arrived,

Unsure where homefulness is,

Being willing to be willing to

Look, to land, being open to -, consolidating

Being eater*-feeding/and be fed- sharing in placenta, coral becoming a nexus in a nest(?)

A layer of nurturance, locating myself, becoming a dot, a grain in an electrical storm, shining in -- that I didn’t believe into.

Becoming eater. Electrical charge

I’m Fem (they/their) I’m from occupied Waupanog territory and released from psychiatric and addiction prisons. I raised - word - Pablo Eloie

Not yet to homefulness but willing to be willing to -, finding - in my mouth that tastes the names of the dead, dying and the living, all of us electrified grains in an Aurora Borealis

Name: Carol D Huey

Where: Bremerton, WA, Seattle, WA

Where are your people from: Charleston, SC area

A Line: Today, I consider myself a survivor, having been through many struggles in life starting with addiction, mental health issues — to include night tremors + PTSD. I am grateful for where I am today; in permanent housing. I too went through a fire 1 ½ years ago. I thank ?, I survived that, lived in tent for short while, then tiny homes + finally permanent housing

Name: Greg (they/them)

Where: Seattle, Pacific Northwest

Where are your People from: The Soufend, Seattle, (Rainier Beach, Othello)

A Line: After an eviction, loss of my storage, RV, + car, I’m just glad to have a solid roof over my head. And that I still have my dog + cat after all these years.

Vision: I aim to be the person I needed when I was younger. I strive to create a space around myself where folks feel comfortable being authentic.

I’d love to see all my friends + family happy, healthy, + safe


Tiny, but Big

I love my small home

Having one is huge to me

No more sleeping cold.

Every time I shine some light on I really who I am I make it impossible for me to hide

Name: John

Where: Hamilton, Ohio

Where are your People from: The south Georgia

A Line: Mental health, oppression, housing at the moment

Name: “Taffy” Harriet Inez Killgore

Where: Bay Area, Earth, sometimes outer space : )

Where are your People from: Norwegian, Native American

A Line: Housing Challenged All my 52 yrs. Helping Others wiping tears Overcome addiction, the struggle is real

Name: Exquisite

Where: San Francisco By Area Ancestral Land of the Ohlone Born in colonially Known Oakland, CA From the wounded womb of my blood mother

My home, and where i’m from is Earth Mother

Where are your People from: My people are from the Black, Dead, Red Sea of the colonizer’s way. Atlantic

Yemanjả, Oya, Oshun...Orisha. Oakland

Descendant of Arkansas. Scott Family, Caucom plantation.

Slaves. Captives. Captured

A Line: Liberating from White Supremacy Culture. Structure.

I see the arrival of all Higher Powers, Creator and Source of peace, prosperity, purpose

Soon. And very soon.

Susan Marcos Chavela

Crisis: self, health

Self is Health

The universal necessity of good form

Is the universal need

For ALL Inclusive


Universal Health automatic

Coverage for ALL American

Citizens A mandate to the

Rewrite of the United States constitution

Basic Primary needs- Dis? But Food - shelter- health care without People Die!


Suey Mary Pelsri. -

-- 3 “T” is Time Talent Taxes

---mixed - set aside for

See This Primary- vote Native

Established Inhabitants

Generation occupied

Homeland own Home city

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