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Press Release: Palestine to Oakland - Free the Land

For Immediate Release:

Contact: Jaz Colibri, tiny garcia (510) 435-7500

Palestine to Oakland - Free the land

Houseless residents of Occupied East and West Huchiun (Oakland) demand an end to Colonial Occupation and Genocide and liberation of Mama Earth from Oakland to Palestine What: Press Conference and Council Meeting When: 5:30pm Tuesday, November 28th Where: Oakland City Hall steps Occupied Huchiun (Oakland) On November 28th, Houseless and formerly houseless resident leaders of Wood Street Commons and Homefulness, along with advocates and allies, will present our demand to liberate Mama Earth globally from Palestine to Sudan and right here in Huchiun so houseless peoples can be free of the ongoing violent sweeps, poLice terror and harassment that we face multiple times per day all across Oakland. "From the West Bank to West Oakland, after we are evicted, where do you think we go? After we are swept, where do you think we go...The same settler lies, I mean laws, remove poor/houseless/indigenous people from our homes, ComeUnities, streets, tents, and our bodies and belongings are seen as trash if we are in the way of their colonial land theft plan for profit all across Mama Earth," said tiny gray-garcia, formerly houseless/incarcerated Poet, co-founder of POOR Magazine, visionary of Homefulness and author of Criminal of Poverty:Growing up Homeless in America and many more. "Our visions are homeless people helping homeless people, that's what works, that's what was working at Wood Street Commons," said John Janosko, co-leader Wood Street Commons.

Oakland by any means necessary should cut off our city's support of military aid to Israel and urge an end to Israel's apartheid state as well as urge full return of the land to the Palestinians. We pray that so-called Oakland by any means necessary will cease its complicity with America's ongoing genocide on BIPOC LGBTQ+ and the poor by ending encampment sweeps which treat our lives like trash, throwing what stability we build for each other into chaos which further isolates and displaces us in the midst of this ever growing housing crisis. In the midst of more and more people being evicted into the streets following the lifting of the eviction moratorium. The eviction moratorium must be reinstated and its protections extended to unhoused Oaklanders.... excerpts from the statement which will be read by houseless/formerly houseless residents of Wood Street Commons and Homefulness at the Oakland City Council meeting of Nov 28th To read the whole statement click here "The sweeps must stop, they are killing us, literally," Rick C , Houseless resident of East Oakland and RooflessRadio reporter for POOR Magazine Preceding the council meeting we will have a short press conference featuring houseless an formerly houseless poverty skola residents of Oakland. Story on this Subject: Houseless in Gaza

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