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Poem for Palestine: Oppressor Roles

by Dee Allen

photo by @eye.on.palestine

Oppressed people

Take on oppressor roles.

Take hostages,

Take out selected buildings, civilians,

Oppressors’ army, their whole

Zionist stronghold, news reporters catch bullets—

Rockets and rifles,

Tools taken up for the terrible task

Seventy-five years in the making—

I.D.F. would call it

Total war.

Hamas would call it

Total vengeance.

The world calls it

Unnecessary carnage.

I call it

The chickens coming home to roost

As Brother

Malcolm X himself did.

Oppressors deal out hurt to the oppressed

And it returns three-fold

Resulting in dead

On both sides.

Laying off the rockets, laying down the rifles

Would be a start, for a globe sickened from bloodlet,

burials & death-tolls—


W: 11.3.23

I.D.F.: Israeli Defence Forces.

Hamas: Political and military organisation governing occupied

Palestine, based in Gaza City, Sunni Muslim by faith. Established

1987, during the First Intifada [ “Stone Uprising” ] against Israel.

Also called Islamic Resistance Movement.

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