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People Skool in August 2023

The DegentriFUKation / Decolonization Seminar is a bi-yearly seminar geared to help people with race, class, and/or formal education privilege decolonize and degentriFuk their family, community, and self.

Running August 26th and 27th with follow up sessions to be announced, this two-day seminar is geared to bring/teach the medicine of hoarded wealth/inherited blood-stained dollars redistribution, settler colonizer decolonization, the ongoing violence of the Charity Industrial Complex, The Real Esnakkke industry and the revolutionary liberation of Community Reparations to as many folks as possible-

because politrickster solutions are NOT solutions and we MUST spread POOR Magazine's poverty skola-led solutions in this time of so much mass distraction, unhoused, gentriFUKEd, criminalized, mass incarcerated, racism/wite supremacized miseducated, silenced and intentionally dismantled peoples- in the triple pandemics of COVID-19, Poverty, PoLice Terror and Colonization. This seminar is powerful for ALL people-doing work in law, medicine, social justice, history, art, media, ComeUnity, or akkkademia.

An application and Sliding Scale Tuition is required to register—this is the first part of each participant's decolonization. Applications for people with race, class, and/or formal education privilege OR poverty skolaz can be found on this page.

Weekend seminar Day 1 ​is for poverty skolaz AND people with race, class and/or formal education privilege. It will center Poverty Scholarship & the medicine of poor, houseless and indigenous people-led movements & media.

Weekend seminar Day 2 ​is for people with race, class and/or formal education privilege (optional for poverty skolaz), aimed at service providers, media creators, educators, organizers, researchers, artists, legislators, policy-makers, donors & philanthropists, students, community members, and anyone who wants to learn about following Black, Indigenous, POC, and poor leadership and aligning your work with poor people-led self determination movements.

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