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Gaza is filled with Mamas: A Poem for Palestine

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

by Tiny Gray

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Palestinian woman holding up bloodied baby clothes. From @Eyes.on.palestines
Palestinian holding up bloodied baby clothes. From @Eyes.on.palestines

This screamlove Poem goes out to the Mamas of Gaza

terroized daily by settler colonial Trauma

Who wake up daily to never -ending profiling, harassment, surveillance and now bombss

The mamas scream to the bombas

Where should we go

This is our land and please dont destroy our homes

But guns scream louder than mamaz

And drown out the screams of them and their murdered daughters

And suddenly there is no more food or water and no-one can breathe or see the mamaz, the suns or the daughters

And Suddenly the paycheck prophets call genocide a Confict

And the United Snakkkes settlers say we got u- kill them all - been there doing this - so we can build more condos and malls

To Occupied Turtle Island

Where poor/indigenous mamaz face daily evictions, removal trauma

From their homes and lands of their mamaz

Where 1st peoples lives and lands were stolen by weaponized paper that kills

Removing desecrating and destroying for profit - numbing us all with alcohol and pills

This is our Juice the Poltricksters say and do this same evil, right now right here- to this day !

Use guns, dump trucks, sweepers & wite mans phosphoros

So they can kill ALL of us

sweeping, evicting, removing for profit

Normalizing hoarding until u can’t think or talk

But paper knives scream louder than the mamaz

Becuz they Believe mama Earth and her mamaz are merely a speck to b plucked off fo profit

So u can kill all of us everyday-

From Haiti, to Palestine to the occupied Bay

This scream Poem

Is to let you know we r with u Mamas and SUns and daughters

Grandmomos and great grandmomas

Auntys and fathers -

Us houseless. indigenous , in struggle mamaz -

We r standing close - trembling with each rocket and boms that destroys our homes

We see thru the lies

Our eyes are open Wide

You see we too have brought and lost Life

FRom so many forms of settler terror

And no matter how many times

They deconstruct our truths

Desecrate our homes, towns and hoods

Our hearts can’t be broken in half

Like that -

We Mamas are standing with u mamas from Gaza- past colonial borders and imperial governememnt orders

We r with u crawling, sitting, standing, screaming, crying, shouting

Your chant in our mouths -

Palestine will be free from the river to the sea

Mama Earth and all of us Mamas will be free

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