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FREE HAITI: Stop U.S. Military Terror on the Haitian People


By Momii Palapaz

Poor News Network

“No country on earth has suffered from (U.S. military suppression) more than Haiti.”

From 1791 to 1804, African slaves rising up were “The greatest threat to the U.S. slave owners who controlled Washington. The Haitian revolution had to be crushed” said speaker and anti-imperialist supporter at Haiti Flag Day May 18, 2023 in SF UN Plaza.

For a country island only 831 miles from Florida's south, most US citizens are terribly unaware of the centuries old revolution fought by the Haitian people. About the same size as the state of Maryland, Haiti, over 100 years later, with more than 5 million people, is still fighting for sovereignty.


“Death squads, called gangs, are used as a way to fool people. Its lawless element is supported by the occupatying government of Haiti, the Tonton Macoutes. President Devalier gave guns to [TonTon Macoutes, who earned] their living by exploiting [Haitians] and taking land. Shooting and killing citizens. I grew up in that regime,” said Pierre Labossiere from the Haiti Action Committee.

“The imperialist system cannot tolerate any country outside its orbit or unwilling to play their imperialist game… The creation of the first Black Republic in the world and for that they’ve had to wage a struggle ever since to consolidate that basic national liberation struggle,” said Dayton, anti-imperialist organizer. They also paid France for their independence. Literally held up at gunpoint, France stole 150 million in francs from the Haitian people. Today’s dollar value puts that amount at 20-30 billion dollars. It took 122 years for the freed Haitian people to pay them back.

Timely that the U.S. military invasions on the Haitian island began in the 1900s.

“It's for nothing less than the clarity of the Manifest law dismissing ‘the poor Haitian’… We have to confront our very own political system itself; both parties, Democratic and Republican, that don’t give a shit about the Haitian people or freedom or Haitian self determination. Without that clarity Haiti will never be free … I impart that with you today that the only true internationalism is the struggle for revolution in our own home country. U.S out of Haiti, Haiti will be Free,” continued speaker Dayton.

Hispaniola was first invaded in 1492 by Spain and the French via C Columbus, who shipped thousands of kidnapped West Africans to the Carribean island. The French, Spanish, Dutch and other colonizing imperialists had already depleted and abused the islanders in slavery of indigenous Taino or Arawak, Guanahatabey and Carib inhabitants. The population was obliterated under the merciless feet of island invaders. Hispaniola was cut in half in a deal between Spain and France. Haiti and the Dominican Republic are separated with a false border. Today, the mutilated land—overworked, excavated and tortured—has lost acres of topsoil. Farmers, violently kicked out of their homes by the Duvalier Tontons Macoutes, were forced to leave their land, watching produce bake in the sun, unable to reap the gifts of the earth.

From the Philippines to Palestine to Haiti, Narissa Lee and Brandon Lee of the SF Co. for Human Rights in the Philippines and The International League for People's Struggle spoke in solidarity with the Haitian people. “U.S. imperialism is wreaking havoc...with 800 military bases in over 80 countries,” said anti-imperialist Brandon Lee, who still has a bullet lodged in his back from fighting for land rights in the Philippines. He survived an attempted assassination by the military-run government.

Brother Palestinian speaker, from the US Palestinian Community Network (USPLN) enthusiastically spread unity exclaiming, “We recognize families of political prisoners bringing genuine support from the people of Palestine. We have a lot in common with the people in Haiti [and gathered] donations in 2010. People who are in poverty understand the oppression, understand …enemies of peace [and] recognize [that] the dictatorships of Haiti received training from the Israeli government while getting support from the U.S. government. Two days ago millions of people around the world supported Palestinian for self determination and ending the occupation. They recognize the Nakba of Palestinian people. We truly believe that our faith is to gather our people of Haiti and people of Palestine. We are going to win against injustice. Every part of the world we receive solidarity and support for justice in Palestine except two places. It happens to be the enemies of Haiti and Palestine; the State of Israel and the U.S. of America. This government is supporting injustice around the world.”

“When we stand in solidarity with Haiti, we stand in solidarity with the Philippines, with Palestine, with people, brothers and sisters right here in the U.S. We cannot forget the political prisoners here in Haiti, in the U.S. Political prisoners everywhere. We stand in solidarity. We want an end to police brutality, an end to police murders, whether it be here or in Haiti or everywhere else in the world,” said Pierre Labossiere, Haiti Action Committee.

Haiti Action Committee, POB 2040, ACTION.HAITI@GMAIL.COM

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