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Emeryville Bay St. Situation

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

The chaos started in the Bay Street Mall Emeryville,also known as Ohlone shellmound at 4:30 the afternoon on Sunday, National Cinema Day. People were fighting, shooting, slamming. There was a girl that got stabbed in the neck.

There were people recording the chaos for views and clout.‘’I don’t think kids were gathering to fight. I think kids were gathering to get a lot of energy out And i think there's alot of built up rage, anger, frustration and anxiety,’’ said Selena Wilson.

The police were using mace and had guns. I dont think it was ok to hurt eatch other and it was different dance groups facing eatchother.

I think they were hurting eatch other for clout and views on the internet. I will pay for everyones therapy.

-Kai, 11

On 4$ movie day at the bay street mall in Emeryville its shopping malls libraries vr rat stores and more plus that where all the teens go to link and watch movies.

I was in Claires at Bay Street Mall getting this expensive bottle of salelean solution and when I was checking out I went outside. I heard a gunshot and screaming but I had to find my cousin who was in the barns and mobile in the bathroom.

i'm running on the lower level and calling my cousin and the link and i went to the top level though the Starbucks and it was ppl fighting everywhere escalation was packed even the stairs was packed and this one person fall and it was mad funny but we were stuck up there so once we got on the first level we ran near best buy to get away from all the stuff that was happening to call our uber but it was heka cops like lined up in front of the door. My opinion is that kids should stop trying to be the best fighter or add to their fight page just to be cool on social media.

-Nija, 15

A number of fights broke out, a gun got fired, people were maced and arrested. On Cinema day at 4:30pm, hundreds of teens went to Bay St. to “link up”. that's when cameras got turnt on and people felt like they had to fight for the internet and the views, AT that point a lot of people were fighting for the attention of the crowd.

After one fight happen then another one happen , one fight that eventually end the mayhem, was when a couple of teens were fighting and a gun was grabbed and fired. Eventually heavy backup was called and the mayhem ended. I think that the group of teens should have waited to fight,

I know that there may have been beef between curtain groups, but the group of teens should have at least waited to get off Bay st. ground, and then go fight in a garage nearby.

I think guns were used because the police were there so people felt like they had to over power the police.

-Ziair, 14

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