POOR Magazine is a poor people–led/Indigenous people–led, grassroots, non-profit arts organization dedicated to providing revolutionary media access, art, education, and advocacy to silenced youth, adults, and elders in poverty across Mama Earth.

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Revolutionary Radio on PNN–KEXU

Broadcasting live on 96.1 FM

Tuesdays 6–8 PM and Thursdays 4–6 PM

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Listen to past PNN–KEXU broadcasts any time

PoemCast from a Poverty Skola

Poems from Tiny Gray-Garcia


PNN on YouTube

Video journalism including RoofLESS Radio

Poor News Network/Prensa POBRE

Breaking Heads is better than being Broke & dead -ParkerToPeoplesParkToPalestine

Poor News Network/Prensa POBRE
Breaking Heads is better than being Broke & dead -ParkerToPeoplesParkToPalestine
Breaking Heads is better than being Broke & dead -ParkerToPeoplesParkToPalestine

Breaking Heads is better than being Broke & dead -ParkerToPeoplesParkToPalestine

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Breaking heads is better than being Broke & Dead -4Parker,Palestine & PeoplesPark/

Breaking heads is better than being Broke & Dead -4Parker,Palestine & PeoplesPark/

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PNN-KEXU 96.1 Mark G Abolitionist

PNN-KEXU 96.1 Mark G Abolitionist

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Here's what we do at a glance.

All of POOR's programs are focused on providing non-colonizing, community-based and community-led media, art and education with the goals of creating access for silenced voices, preserving and degentrifying rooted communities of color and re-framing the debate on poverty, landlessness, indigenous resistance, disability and race locally and globally.

PPE will be provided at all in-person events

Roofless Radio

Reporting and supporting with hot healthy meals, supplies, tents, jackets, and revolutionary media

3 times a week in encampments across the so-called Bay Area

Watch on YouTube

Listen on PNN–KEXU Po' People's Newz Hour

Broadcasting local and global news of struggles with poverty, racism, disability, incarceration, (im)migration, and more

Every Tuesday (6–8 PM) and Thursday (4–6 PM) on 96.1 FM

Listen to livestream

Listen to past broadcasts

Non-hierarchical circle for decisions about all of our broadcast, written, televised, photographed, and spoken news

First Thursday of every month at 1 PM

8032 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland

Poverty skolaz learn to write, publish, and sell books through POOR Press

Once a year

Contact for more info

Free library of revolutionary and liberatory poetry, fiction, and more

Available year-round by appointment

Contact to schedule a visit

Poor People's Radio Workshop

Teaching poverty skolaz how to share our powerful stories on the radio

2–3 times per year

Contact for more info

Launched by Tiny (@povertySkola) on Mama Earth Day 2016. We will come to your part of settler stolen/occupied, Po'Lice predated Turtle Island (or anywhere on Mama Earth) to pray, vision, dream teach, and share Radical Redistribution, ComeUnity Reparations, and Homefulness with wealth-hoarders, inheritors of stolen Mama Earth, and/or protected/occupied wealth neighborhoods.

Contact for more info

Radical redistribution of fresh foods, healthy meals, supplies, and resources to our community, rain or shine

Thursdays at 12 pm

8032 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland

Poverty Journalism Workshop

For poverty skolaz learning to write our own news

Tuesdays at 9:30 AM

Education designed for our Black and Brown youth poverty skolaz and leaders of the future

Monday – Friday, August – June

Hybrid online/in-person

Revolutionary education for both poverty skolaz and folks with race, class, and formal education privilege

Begins January and August every year, total of 5 day-long sessions over 2 months

Danza Azteca Practica (Aztec Dance Practice)

A form of prayer and ceremony offered through our feet and bodies in dance


Contact to join

Houseless and formerly houseless youth and elder poverty skolaz at POOR Magazine will come to your encampment, university, church, or town and share the medicine (template) of Homefulness—a homeless, landless, self-determined movement/solution to homelessness

Contact for more info

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Written from the voices of youth, adults and elders in poverty who are never heard in corporate and even independent media, these pieces of writing and artwork are truly unlike anything else found in the traditional world of publishing today. These books allow the reader to experience and learn about the very personal struggles and resistance of each author.