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URGENT ACTION ALERT: Sign the coalition letter to oppose SB 1011!

Dear friend,

An urgent reminder to please sign the SB 1011 opposition letter by April 3 and distribute this action alert widely. It only takes a minute to sign on!

EVERYONE DESERVES EQUAL RIGHTS. Join the Equal Rights for Every Neighbor Coalition in opposing SB 1011 (Jones) – a harmful and discriminatory bill that violates the rights of unhoused neighbors. We need as many organizations and individuals to sign on as possible!

  • Use this form to read and sign on to our opposition letter by April 3 OR

WHAT IS SB 1011? This bill is similar to last year’s SB 31 (Jones), which the EREN coalition successfully killed. SB 1011 would prohibit sitting, lying, sleeping, or storing personal property within 500 feet of any public or private school, open space, or major transit stop, making large swaths of cities off-limits to unhoused neighbors. It would also prohibit being on any sidewalk or street anywhere if a homeless shelter is “available.”

HOW WOULD SB 1011 HARM OUR COMMUNITIES? SB 1011 would criminalize the very existence of our unhoused neighbors in public spaces state-wide. We are gravely concerned that SB 1011 would further demonize, destabilize, criminalize, and violate the human rights of unhoused Californians while failing to address the underlying driver of houselessness: the lack of affordable and accessible housing to Californians with the lowest incomes. 

Join us to demand equal rights for EVERY neighbor!

In solidarity

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