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Saving Moms in Guam

By Gera


Arriving in Guam was really uncomfortable even though I did not have anything on my person, I totally felt like we (me and my girlfriend at the time) were being followed. As we got near the baggage claiming area you could see the Customs agents huddling up around the metal detector exit line.

We then claimed our baggage and proceeded to the exit where we were met by agents who stopped us.

"Would you happen to bring any narcotic into my island.”

"No sir absolutely not.” In my mind I was thinking 'I do not' and although my girlfriend does, I have to act like she does not have anything on her also. Immediately, they separated us despite us yelling “We are US citizens,” while reaching out to each other, unable to touch one another's fingertips.         


Next, the interrogation process started, which I knew they were experts at doing. Within the first 15 minutes they told me that they had found drugs on my girlfriend and she said I had dope on me as well, which I knew was a lie. The whole time I was denying what they were telling me, asking for an attorney and for a phone call, being denied each time. I learned fast that not only did they not believe me but the communication between us was complicated because they spoke little English, they only spoke Chamorro (the Guamanian language).

After, they took me for a long drive, angrily saying I had drugs on me and that I was lying about it and how they knew I was the son of the “king pin” (my Mother). They made me feel like I was being taken to be killed and “make me disappear,” as one of the Guam customs agents said back in the interrogation room at the airport. I was shackled up in the back seat, being held against my will by one big Guam agent on each side of me making sure I didn't release out any drugs from my body without them noticing.                  

I prayed out loud and let them know I am not a bad guy and I think they are making a mistake, because I honestly do not have any drugs on me and I don't know why they are saying my girlfriend has some on her because I have no idea what they were talking about. 

It was a 2 hour drive when they made me hop out the back seat still shackled arms and legs, it was dark all around. It looked like an abandoned military base and we walked up a long flight of stairs. I asked if I could please have a cigarette because I noticed one agent smoking. They granted me a smoke with an attitude, saying that I was lying about things and I was lucky to have one. Finally I was taken to a room where some white doctor came out and asked me if I was sure that I did not have any drugs in my person because if so then now was the time to tell him. I said, "NO, but I need my phone call.”

The white doctor assaulted me with a blue rubber glove that he had on his hand as he stuck his whole hand up my rectum, feeling around for anything foreign inside me. It was the worst feeling ever! As the doctor gestured to the agents that I was clear, they all looked at each other dumbfounded being that they all were making bets if I was packing or not. With watery eyes from the man's hand that just came out of my body, I was pissed off that they did that to me and were still asking me questions about my Mother along with this whole conspiracy thing they threatened me with .

"We want your Mother,” he said. They showed me recordings and paperwork of all the people that were cooperating against Mom, saying it was enough to send her away forever so “You better start talking.”

"We want your Mom,” said Duenas, the Guam customs agent at the dark abandoned military base that was also the medical facility they violated me at minutes ago. They proceeded to interrogate me and finally forced me to cooperate as they continued threatening my Mom's life. They even knew names of my people that were also at risk of indictment. It was unbelievable the things they knew. All I knew at that point was I had to save Mom's life.


One of Mom's so called "friends” was in the process of setting my Mother up back home and I was able to put a stop to that. When I was given my phone call finally upon booking into the Guam prison in Hagatna, I called home collect and said in code language to let my Mom know they are coming for her. There is no way around that because they had been investigating for 6 months and more than a few people had claimed she was the ring leader. Upon my call I was able to tell fam to make sure she got out of there NOW. She went on the run and was captured 2 months later.


These are the things that are caused by oppression in a crapitalist society. Crime is the first stage of rebellion, we resort to crime when the law is not meeting the needs of the people and defending what we believe in. The US Government breeds rats and will not follow through with the promises they make upon cooperation, although in my heart I know what I did was the best way to handle the situation in order to save my Mother. Still, she received 7 years when they said she would get the mandatory minimum of 3 years for cooperating the same as I received. I recommend NEVER to cooperate with any Government agency as they will deface your character and make false promises. This is not part of my current lifestyle but an experience I feel needs to be addressed to the people in hopes of creating awareness and change. Til this day, me and Mother are on the Government watch list and they bother us daily by gang stalking etc.

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