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War On Mama Earth

There is a 70 year old pipeline owned by the foreign oil company called Enbridge that runs through the Great Lakes in so-called Michigan. The water from the Great Lakes makes up 21% (over 1/5th) of the world's fresh water.

“An elder once said that by the year of 2030, water was going to be more valuable than gold.” said Hadassah GreenSky to us youth and adult povertyskola reporters at Po Peoples Radio 96.1fm.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources started issuing licenses for the oil pipe-line 3 to cross the public water to run oil through the pipe causing more damage to sea life and Mama Earth, also The Anishinaabe tribal lands.

This Enbridge oil pipeline is past its due date and Enbridge wants to use the pipe again and they have taken this to federal courts.

“They have so much money and they are promoting the pipeline on the ads and on commercials like it doesn't benefit them at all,” added Hadassah.

This pipeline 3 is going to ruin the water for the Anishinaabe fishing tribe. This pipeline is going to have no gain for the people.

This pipeline goes through both of the tribes on each side and their rivers go up and down going 180 during this pipe. They tryna rebuild an oil pipe that can leave a big oil spill that could contaminate all sea life.

This pipeline is destroying Mana Earth and polluting the water where the tribe lives and it mostly affects the indigenous people who live there that use that water for everything for themselves and for the community.

Water is so important because we all need it. Us humans can't make water only Mama Earth can, so we should watch how we treat Mama Earth. Nowadays It is becoming more and more difficult to get a cup of water and some places don't even have lakes or rivers.

I'm scared that we might not have water for the community or for society because we are not being careful of Mama Earth instead humans and corporations are being greedy and corrupt, damaging Mama Earth where there is no water for our future.

Water is life and makes everything possible. Hearing Hodassah’s story was very powerful for me as a low-income youth of color living in West Oakland. I never even knew about the struggle for water. I hope more youth realize this is our future and we need to stand up, or we will all end up dying of thirst .

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