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Sinful Catholic Churches

By Ziair hughes, Deecolonize academy student /POOR Magazine Youth poverty Skola

In Canada a situation has flared back up, from the late 1800s to 1997 more than 150,000 indigenous children were taken from their families and put in Catholic churches and residential Schools and the people who ran the schools, which were scattered all across the US and Canada, would punish the children for speaking their native language, abuse them physically, mentally and sexually and they would even cut the childrens long hair.

These residential schools are not unique to Canada; there were once over 400 across the United states. A lot of kids died and the people who ran the churches would find poles and pipes to build crosses for the graves they dug for the children or often just bury them secretly with no cross at all.

Sadly most of these institutions sexually and physically violated the children. Patrick who was one survivor of the many victims said “Then the priest got me drunk and i didnt know what happened when i got up the next morning”, concluded patrick

Through all this the pope issued an apology and took a picture with a war bonnet on, now the church and the pope think the issue is solved .

At Deecolonize Academy, we study the true history of this land and we believe everybody deserves the truth. No sugar coding at all.

To me the apology from the pope didn't seem sincere enough, to add on, you can't apologize for somebody else's trauma or somebody else's wrong doing, if anything the survivors should be granted money and the church should either be given to the survivors or be named after them.

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