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Po Mamaz Reparations Fund Testimonial


Dedicated to redistributing resources directly to poor, unhoused, and formerly unhoused single mamaz, (fathers) and children who are unable to afford rent, a drivable vehicle, diapers, food, and other emergency needs related to their survival and thrival.

The po mama fund was created by the people and supported by the people that is why the po

mama fund is so important to impoverished families like mine.

The po mama fund should be expanded all across the WORLD because families in a poverty

crisis need all the help we can receive in a “non county” time frame.

Many of us po mama’s including myself have been in life or death situations and have been

victims of violence. Speaking from experience the county and its selective resources will

jeopardize your lives even further and refuse to relocate families in danger

HOWEVER the perpetrators of the community violence- those that create hostile, dangerous

and uncomfortable situations for other folks in the community get the best housing resources

and the victims get zippidy do dah! I should know as I have to see the bullet holes in my

daughter’s wall every day while the perpetrators of the violence received a brand new unit in the

same complex!!! I say this because my point is this is why the po mama fund and Homefulness

Healing Housing is direly needed and should be supported that way we in the community can

help our own folks and relocate families in danger because unfortunately the county/state MAY help your family once you are on the morgue slab!

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