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Wood Street Comunitario Cable Wood Street CommUnity Wire #1

Updated: Jan 4

Presentamos RoofLessRadio PovertySkola Reporteros de Wood Street Commons

Introducing RoofLessRadio PovertySkola Reporters from Wood Street Commons

Las siguientes historias fueron creadas por nuevos reporteros de povertySkola en el taller de escritura callejera de POORmagazine en WoodStreetCommons -

The following HERstories and Histories were created by new povertySkola reporters in the POORmagazine street-writing workshop at WoodStreetCommons

Monte - WoodStreetCommons povertySkola reporter

My loss of family and now

the threat of losing the

community that has saved my

life. Not sure what it will look like but

I’m sure it won’t be a a good picture,

for anytime the city comes to evict,

they usually come with the cops

and arrive without empathy or

understanding. They come weaponized

with one mission on their minds…

to push and pull the

destruction of what I call home

and many call home. This places

houses my family and friends.

I will fight to keep the love,

sustainability, and growth

of the community.


Monte - WoodStreetCommons

povertySkola reportero

Mi pérdida de mi familia y ahora

la amenaza de perder la comunidad

que ha salvado mi vida en.

No estoy seguro de cómo se verá, pero

estoy seguro de que no será una buena imagen,

para cada vez que la ciudad viene a desalojar,

suelen venir con los policías

y llegar sin empatía o comprensión de.

Vienen armados

con una misión en sus mentes…

para empujar y tirar de la destrucción

de lo que yo llamo hogar

y muchos llaman hogar. Este lugar

alberga a mi familia y amigos.

Lucharé para mantener el amor, la sostenibilidad y el crecimiento de la comunidad.

John - WoodStreetCommons

povertySkola reporter

The beeping noise over and over

again. It stops, you all have five

minutes to get what you can.

After that all I see is dump trucks

Caltrans workers, Highway patrol

officers. My brothers and me and some

groupies half dressed and fucking

tired of moving every fucking week.

over and over again. What the fuck!

So now we all are across the street

watching our camp site be destroyed!

All our stuff again! being crunched up

for what? Maybe because karma/

is a motherfucker and me and

my brother are the best fucking bike

thieves that ever lived. Maybe it’s

god telling us to get right? maybe

we are just the scum of the earth

and thats that.

No, thats not it. But For some reason

today it feel like I’m back to square


I need this shit to stop

I need people to hear my brothers