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When Hefty Bags are Home

By Amir cornish /youth poverty skola , co-builder and resident of Homefulness and co-founder of the TAZ foundation

PNN grup shot of everyone

As a little kid I never really cared about having a clean home. At least we had a Roof over our head and we was always on the move.

When we used to open the big black heffy bags, it was like looking into a mirror back into the past of my family history going through the generations. .

I always had what we needed just in case we ever got kicked out onto the streets. I started to think to myself and realized that the big black hefty bag was a part of me.

Not really had a stable home but my home was them bags and as a kid me and my older brother would play on them big plastic bags and I would imagine myself on mountains climbing the great walls.

For me, cleaning is not hard. What’s hard is just having a place to keep clean for a long time but I could never fully grasp it. Like reading a book, you don’t get the answers quickly you’re wrestling to fully understand it.

I feel like people shouldn't be kicked out of their house just because they don't know how to keep a place clean. For me, having a black bag was home.


Postscript -Join us in the prayer circle to open Homefulness for Houseless and poor Mamaz and families in June -email for details

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