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Update from the Gaza Strip

By Yousef M.A. reporting out of Istanbul, Turkey

October 26, 2023

Family homes destroyed by Israeli airstrike.

The support that Poor Magazine provided was graciously received on October 15, 2023, from which the family of Mr. Hatem Al-Rai received a portion. Mr. Al-Rai’s family live in the Gaza Strip in the city of Deir Al-Balah and consists of ten members who live in a dilapidated house comprised of two rooms. The house was recently destroyed in an Israeli airstrike after a neighboring house was targeted resulting in the martyrdom of the mother Noura, and her two children, while the rest of the family members were injured.

The family is now in desperate need of special care, especially since all of them are children, ranging in age from eight months to 15 years, and the father is unemployed due to a disability in his leg. They urgently need support to cover the costs of treatment, care, and housing.

This is the suffering of just one family out of hundreds of families in Gaza.

Hanan, 6 years old, martyred in an Israeli Airstrike.

Abdul Aziz, 5 years old, martyred in an Israeli airstrike.

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