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The Product of A Racist System

Image of all people who's lives were stolen in the Buffalo Massacre (Img. taken from CNN)

A man killed people. A mass murderer infiltrated a community, fueled by a system that hates the same people he does.

A scared man with fear in his heart after watching Fox News day after day, wondering if he will be the victim of the same crime that his ancestors perpetrated on this country.

Black lives will always matter, as long as this system encourages people like this man to do what he did then hides behind its money and power and says it would never condone these actions.

We don’t need to talk about this man, because we know what he chose to be remembered as.

We need to talk about Andre Mackniel, a loving father who was picking up a birthday cake for his three year olds son's surprise birthday party.

We need to talk about Margus Morrison, a man who took care of his disabled mother.

We need to talk about and keep talking about all of the people whose lives were taken from them by a man who had hate in his heart and access to things he shouldn’t have had.

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