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The Landback Turkeys

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

There’s been many powerful revolutionary groups, The Black Panthers, Move Africa, SNCC, The Zapatistas, and of course the heroes of today: The Landback Turkeys. Right now February 8, 2022 there is a group of about 2 dozen turkeys “wreaking havoc” in the Nasa Ames Center in Mountain View, CA. These turkeys have been pecking at cars, windows and blocking traffic.

Throughout my life I've learned from many elders, this particular story makes me think of Don Guajolote. An homeless, revolutionary, poverty skola white turkey who one day decided to stick around Poor Magazine. An old turkey is a rare sight, he had battle scars from the many ThanksTaking (Thanksgiving) that he has survived.

When Don Guajolote arrived he became family, he wasn't nice, he would tell one what he was thinkin and no sugar coating, But he was one of us. Broken, lost, and alone. “He would always stick by us and he always had something to say,” said Tiburcio, one of the residents and workers of Homefulness.

Amir, another resident and worker in Homefulness added “That man would always come up and make a sound, I feel like that sound was him saying ‘i'm here’”.

We all miss him and I know that he is the leader of the Landback turkeys putting an end to NASA scheme’s and eventually ThanksTaking.

Don Guajolote

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