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Sex slavery in the 25th century

Poverty Scholar Brokin Cloud

Malcom X


This is the first moral human reasoning that slavery and sex are not in accordance with human society. The control of sex is an assault on humanity itself. It is to be regulated and controlled =assassinationed. The entire world is dealing with sex as a commodity and humans are dying, which = assassination.

Too many Humans are involved. The system of hypocrisy in a capitalist autocratic system has proven to be unsafe and lead to negative consequences.

The assassination of Malcolm X is still an unsolved real event that deserves closure.

Malcolm X’s family has launched lawsuits against the United States; on the New York police department, on the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI).

Malcolm X’s family needs to find the United State government entities guilty so the family can find closure. The exoneration of the first (person) accused has created a complete unresolve of the assassination. Furthermore, it seems that the US government is trying to play a game with time. It has been 58 years since the assassination. It's not like it was yesterday or a week ago.

I’m talking about time and the United States in this year of 2023, the superior court judge Clarence Thomas has offended the people of the United States for his participation in the abortion issue, the January 6 riot, unreported trips, luxury outings, then selling property in the state of Florida 3 years ago and today is using it as a tax write off.

The hypocrisy of the United States is self-evident; sex slavery = assassination. In the state of Georgia, like Malcom X, a young peacemaker, Tortuguita, was assassinated early this year and today, April 23rd, is his birthday. The state of New York had the awareness of justice for Tortuguita, who was murdered by the Atlanta swat team of that police department.

In perspective of human kind in the year of 2023, Little rats follow The big rats. Assassination is every year of life in this capitalist autocratic world.

On this Revolutionary Day, May 1, 2023, the hunt in Texas is for a single

gunman. Who is not the question, but where and when. In this 25th century

technology, why do I say this? Well, it's because Malcolm X was killed 58 years

Ago, Kennedy, 49 years and 7 months ago, Lumumba, 62 years ago, and King, 42 years ago.

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