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Readings, Film Showing and Stolen Land/Hoarded Resources UnTour thru Tongva Lands (LA)

Houseless, Indigenous, Disabled, Black and Brown Youth, Families & Elder Cultural Workers/Poets Perform, Teach and "UnTour" Stolen Land /Hoarded Resources in LA

Dates and Locations of Events:

Saturday May 6th at 6pm Po Poets Project at LibroMobile 1150 S. Bristol St. #A3 Santa Ana, CA 92704

Sunday, May 7th 11am Stolen Land/Hoarded Resources UnTour thru Occupied Tongva- (Entrance to Beverly Hills)

Sun, May 7th 3pm When Mama and Me Lived outside Film showing at Children international film festival -UCLA's James Bridges Theatre

Sun, May 7th 6pm at Re/arte centro literario-2123 Cesar E. Chavez Ave, Boyle Heights

The Stolen Land/Hoarded Resources Tours were launched on MamaEarth Day in 2016 by indigenous, Houseless, Disabled Black, Brown and Poor Youth, adults and Elders who "Toured" through gated, poLiced, Guarded and protected neighborhoods of extreme wealth from Park Avenue to SillyCon Valley. The tours, visioned by tiny (lisa) gray-garcia aka povertyskola were inspired in part by the Bhoodan Movement of India launched by Vinoba Bhave, who walked through India asking wealthy "land-owners" to gift their land back to landless peoples. Now 7 years later they come back to occupied Tongva Territory aka LA with the medicine of a homeless peoples solution to homelessness and curriculum for a houseless, indigenous and disabled peoples pedagogy.

Join us Indigenous, Black, Brown, Houseless & Disabled Peoples as we lay down prayers, share the medicine of Radical redistribution, ComeUnity reparations, Poverty Scholarship, Krip HopOlogy and Homefulness - a homeless peoples self-determined movement which is currently being built in Deep East Oakland, California, and reclaim Culture, Mama Earth, Ancestors, neighborhoods, Knowledge and collective resource collaboration to solve one of the most serious problems in our society at this moment in the 21st century.Homelessness. "There are literally hundreds of new laws created in Los Angeles to criminalize houseless people for being alive in public, but like i always say, no matter how many times, you study me, incarcerate me or sweep me, it doesn't give me a home" said (lisa) tiny Gray-Garcia, aka povertyskola formerly houseless Co-Founder of POOR Magazine, visionary and co-founder of Homefulness and author of Growing Up Homeless in America most of which was based on her homelessness in LA with her mama.

"Capitalism continues to violently evict and sweep elders and communities and never listens to us poor people who have our own solutions like the Homefulness Project," -Aunti Francés Moore, Black Panther and Founder of Self-Help Hunger Program, povertySkola, author with POOR Magazine and Co-Founder of Homefulness "The Stolen Land/Hoarded Resources Untours are not protests, they are a prayer for change to share the urgent medicine of redistribution , community reparations and Homefulness because we are all in a crisis of scarcity, land stealing and wealth-hoarding and need to understand there is a different way to live and walk interdependently," tiny concluded. In addition to the UnTour thru one of many wealth-hoarding enclaves in occupied Tongva territory aka Beverly Hills, the Poverty Skolaz will be presenting their books, curriculum, poetry and vision of poverty scholarship and Krip Hop Pedagogy in readings at Libromobile and Re/arte books in LA, Po Poets and cultural workers tiny gray-garcia, Aunti Frances Moore, Muteado Silencio, Leroy Moore and the whole Homefulness community will also be showing a short movie by Peter Menchini, based on tiny's childrens book about sweeps and homelessness her mother and her experiened in Los Angeles when she was a child and the vision of Homefulness at the Childrens' International Film Festival on Sunday, May 7th at 3pm- Co-sponsored by POORmagazine/PrensaPobre, Krip Hop Nation,Self-Help Hunger Program , Krip Hop Nation, All ComeUnities welcome to walk with us/co-sponsor/pray and/or speak.

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