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Racism Never Left

Another black man AJ Stewart died at a young age by racism and many more have died because of the color of their skin.

Aj Stewart was a 27 year old who liked to support his friends that are in need and he grew up on St. Paul Eastside attended Highland Park High School and also he was a loving Uncle, Son, Cousin, and a Brother. He had returned from Georgia where he studied business management to visit family in St. Paul.

On December 2,2021 Arnell’ “Aj” Stewart was outside of Kjellberg”s property on the 17 00th block of 7th Street East in St. Paul Kjellberg said he called 911 after stabbing Aj Stewart with a metal tub sharpened to a point and wouldn’t let Aj Stewart enter on his own car because Kjellberg said ‘’he was tired of dealing with parkings problems’’.

Watching this video makes me sick to the bone. Also, when I saw this 50- year old white middle class wite man for killing a black and brown young man it was all hate for him just the color of his skin even though he was a human being too.

Racism isn’t born, it's taught. It's taught through parents, video games. To the children and when the kids are grown up they spread the racism, teach their kids also now the racism spreads like a virus that keeps on going, never finding the cure.

I want to say racism never left it still here nowadays, you barely see it’s secretly hidden from our eyes and children.

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