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puppet masters of the devils hand

i'm not a banger, im just a kid getting out at night.

paper chasing education as my daily, infringes on my human rights.

I see destruction all around me, it mirrors the way i feel inside.

george was killed, blood was spilled, this time we don't let it slide.

i'm walking dark, bangs and sparks, world war three is in full effect,

more like a civil war, revolution of the poor, our current "leader" is an object.

a car pulls by, chills in my spine, the black and blue i know all too well.

they choked eric and george, they shot oscar, andy and more

they look at me with the blank stare that kept george on the floor.

they tell me how to move, puppet masters of the devils hand.

I comply, fearing for my life please god save me from this land.

where young men like sean get murdered everyday.

red white and blue humans with legal executions,

scary nation, state backed hatred for those with no silver spoon.

why should i NOT be scared, of the men in blue,

after all, im 18 years old and sean was 22

this is a poem dedicated to sean monterrosa and all of the men and women who were killed by police for existing in this systematically racist nation. with this poem I include a prayer for justice for all of the families who have lost love ones to the worst gang in the world, the United States police officers.

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