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POOR at Seattle Social Justice Film Festival 9/30-10/1

Fri, Sep 30th 6-7pm

Clara's Books

5018 Rainier Ave S so-called Seattle, WA

PoPoets //povertySkolaz from RoofLessRadio POORMagazine PNW & Real Change & Freedom Socialist Party present their poetry/publications & solutions to homelessness

Sat, Oct. 1st 1:30-4pm

Seattle Social Justice Film Festival

1515 12th Ave so-called Seattle, WA

Showing "When Mama & Me Lived Outside"

Directed & Animated by Peter Menchini, Original Artwork by Asian Robles, Score by Lottie Johnson, and narration by Lisa Tiny Gray-Garcia

The Po Poets Project, a grassroots project of the houseless, poor and indigenous peoples led movement known as POOR Magazine, will be in Seattle Sept 30th-Oct 1st to attend the Social Justice Film Festival. When Mama and Me Lived Outside, an award-winning short film by Peter Menshini, will be shown at the festival. The film is based on the children’s book of the same name written by tiny gray-garcia and focuses on one family’s journey through homelessness.

All of the Po Poets, formerly houseless, Black, Brown revolutionary poets, will be onsite reading from their books and promoting their publications. They will also be sharing the medicine of UnSElling Mama Earth and building poor and houseless peoples’ solutions to poverty and homelessness, what they call Homefulness. These land liberators, from all four corners of Mama Earth, will be offering readings and workshops from their newest books: How to Not Call the Po'Lice Ever and Poverty Scholarship: Poor People-Led Theory, Art, Words, and Tears Across Mama Earth. They will also be leading a Stolen Land/Hoarded Resources Tour through colonized towns, colonial landmarks (KlanMarks, as tiny from POOR Magazine calls them), wealth-hoarding neighborhoods, threatened forests, sacred sites, museums of Anthro-Wrongology, academia as well as spaces of indigenous sovereignty to share the urgent medicine of Radical Redistribution, LandBack, and ComeUnity Reparations.

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