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PNN KEXU Youth Media At Parker Elementary pt.1

Liberate Parker Elementary School in East Oakland! Parker Elementary students & East Oakland youth share with POOR Magazine the story of Parker Elementary and why they are occupying the school & trying to keep it open.

By East Oakland Youth Skolaz @ Parker Elementary

Zarian, age 12, from East Oakland (originally from Fresno):

“Well I’m here at Parker because nobody gave OUSD aka the school board the right to close down this school or really any schools at all.”

Samira, age 11, from East Oakland:

“I’m here because I want to help support Parker Elementary (my school) – because the district is trying to take it away like they did to other great schools.”

AJ, age 13, from North Fresno:

“I don’t know. In my opinion about school closures, I think that there’s more schools we can go to. But I guess I think they should not close the school.”

Elmer, age 7, from East Oakland:

Drawing by Elmer

Olive, age 8, from East Oakland:

Why are you here?

“Because they closed our school but they don’t know we’re here.”

Drawing by Olive

Eder, age 15, from 7900 East Oakland:

Why are you here?

“Because uhhh I was bored.”

Mele, age 6, from East Oakland:

Drawing by Mele

Erik, age 13, whose family is from Mexico:

“In February, they closed down Parker and tried to make it into a charter school. It is bad because people that live around here don’t have a school.”