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Philanthro-Pimping Un-Packed - Truth Vs a Paycheck in Covid19 and the virus of Poverty

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Had a dream-

not to save the world

but to save other unhoused disabled mamaz & little girls

U see i was that baby wit my mama

holding that sign

the one you turned away from

pretending i wasn’t alive

grew up wit mama-

her and me almost made it thru the poverty/racism/houselessness drama

hustled for food-

never had the rent

until mama sed chase that dream-

write a grant - take a chance

u got skills tiny

U can do the grant dance

U see - we the Philanthro-pamps

u a sexy young thing with at least one grant circle we can


just come and sniff a little of this grant guidelines oil…

You can do whatever you want

(Deep star wars voice) BUT ALWAYS DO WHAT WE SAY

So happy

created a job for my uncle, houseless friends and my mommy

Wow- self-determination

liberation words, and dreams

helping each other

And then…

what you aint doing what we say & reporting on each other

keep those feet up- the philanthro-pimps say

that grant might run out

cuz , well u aint sexy anymore - anyway…..

Todays message from a poverty skola is dedicated to all the truth-tellers, action- walkers- never stop/cant stop revolutionary poverty skolaz who innovate, liberate and activate but aren’t ever seen, heard, understood or over stood and therefore are easily pimped, opted, stolen from and never quoted.

Im talking about about liberators like the Poor Peoples Army , Poor Peoples Economic Human Rights Campaign Krip Hop Nation, Where Do WE Go Berkeley and Frist they Came for the Homeless, MOVE 9 when it was happening - not now when its glamorized and talked about.

Im talking about people who do the work, with or without the virus called Covid19, blood-stained dollars, fame, or UN raceteers. I’m talking about the Mad Housers in Georgia and Krip Hop In Senegal, Im talking about Tara Colon and Lisa Richards in Florida and I’m Talking about Papa Bear and so many poor and houseless workers never seen people- I’m talking about the I-Hotel and Pearl Ubungen - I’m talking about Nino Parker and his un-sanctioned encampment Im talking about, Peoples Commuity Medics and The Idriss Stelly Foundation - Im talking about Indigenous nations who have been caring for Mama Earth long before 350 .org decided to take up “climate Change” im talking about Refinery walks from IdleNoMore Sf and Pennie Opal Plant and I’m talking about us over here at Homefulness tryin to UnSell Mama Earth - tryin to teach Hoarders how to UnHoard - tryin to teach people we don’t need a savior, a charity project, pimp or an institution we need a poor people-led revolution without ever being opted, stolen, lied about or displaced. Im talking about so-called movements that use all the right language, so they sound like us , (cause it was stolen from us), and thinned out to be more palatable and easily “understood”. I’m talking about academia and non-profiteers profiting, talking and walking about us without us.