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People Skool is For You

By People Skool Graduates

The next People Skool Session will be held January 20th and 21st. To apply click here.

"If you are feeling there's got to be a different way to go about things, there's got to be a way of existing in this world that does not feel so hopeless, then People Skool is for you.

If you care about your neighbors, People Skool is for you.

If you care about Mama Earth and ALL her residents, People Skool is for you.

If you feel sick to your stomach seeing the harm and destruction and genocide happening around the world, People Skool is for you.

If you are ready show up in the world armed with radical love, then People Skool is for you.

People Skool helped me to bridge the disconnect I was feeling between the way society expects me to act and the way my body, mind and spirit needed me to act. By spending a few days on Zoom with some of the most powerful voices I have heard, my life was changed. I am able to show up for my community in a more loving and more informed way. I am able to meet my family with more abundance and gratitude. I am able to meet myself with more grace and understanding. We are all connected. We must take care of ourselves and each other- and People Skool is a major step in that direction." -Areya (People Skool graduate 2022 and current Admin member)

"My relationships with my friends, family, and my relationship with money and the systems of harm that I exist in became so much clearer and better through People Skool. The opportunity to learn from some of the most incredible thinkers and activists alive today is once in a lifetime. Except that it's twice a year!" -Jay (People Skool graduate 2022)

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