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Obedience and Sacrifice

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

by AudreyCandyCorn aka SistahSaveASoul

Is it better to be obedient than sacrifice? What do you want to be recognized for, obedience or sacrifice? Which is the lesson? Are they equal? Can the two be separated, or are they meant to be a pair?

I often wonder -- is it in the eyes of the beholder, which they deem worthy of a higher ranking? And one can’t forget the other participating party. This supply and demand exchange is tricky. Both parties must be in agreement as to what is or is not acceptable, pure-hearted, non-foul, and/or tainted.

The sacrifice to the obedience and the obedience to the sacrifice completes the exchange, like a tie to a used suit. Bringing it all together quite nicely as a whole, thus meritable.

First things first, one must be put over the other in order to start the cause & effect. Physical manifestation of shifting of energy and motion, which equals tangible gain and loss.

I really see the connection, and my goal is to share what I know and learn. I’ve even taken into consideration the contradiction of the two…

I figure one is never too young or old in regards to learning sacrifice and obedience…

Simply getting the lesson is key.

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