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Lessons to Remember

By AudreyCandyCorn aka SistahSaveASoul

June 9th 2022

I remember being a little girl growing up in Oakland California, the home of both of my parents. I am an Oakland child, even in my being an adult I am the product of Oakland's finest. I am that diamond in the rough, my family are diamonds covered in darkness. I remember my grandparents making comments on how the world is changing. And now I make comments on how the world has changed in the 38 years that I have been living on this Earth. I remember my grandmother Audrey speaking on how she can taste the difference in the foods she ate on a regular. My grandfather Charlie Brown, he grew his own fruits and vegetables, and he didn't live in Oakland like I thought he did. He lived in Fresno with 2 white dogs he loved. Grandpa had a country side to him and one hell of a green thumb. But everyone else was Town bound. My parents are from Oakland, my extended parents are from Oakland, my grandparents’ children are from Oakland, my cousins aunts and uncles are from Oakland and many of us don't want to leave, have never left Oakland and we'll die here in Oakland... Is there LIFE OUTSIDE OF OAKLAND? Sure there is. But Oakland is truly all some of us will ever know. . . Part of it comes from being taught to have pride in who you are and where you live, because it's where you come from that shapes who you are going to be possibly.

Environmental Key Lessons That Only Can Come From Oakland Town Bizz Scholars: Living in Oakland is a whole experience. Only the strongest survive. If you take notice, Oakland California is the 10th most deadly City in the world. In fact, Donald J Trump—the president currently, what a clown of a joke by the way—has specifically claimed Oakland mayor Libby Schaaf to be dumb, he said. Irresponsible and cannot control her city. He called out the town name Oakland, called out the citizens and the uniforms and administration that runs it. All this was done on TV, all social media the news picked it up. No, f*** picking it up, Donald Trump talking specifically to the press about this dangerous Oakland California. Bad news sure does travel faster than good news. What Donald Trump didn't know, due to him not doing any research, simply talking out his ass as he does—he would have known there are core teams like drones embedded into the tapestry creating a love life culture. Because if he had done research, he would have come across Donald Lacy, the Ambassador of Oakland and its rich connection to family and healing. For over 20 years this man has dedicated his life. During Barack Obama's time to serve as president, Oakland took a lot of changes. Some were for the good, some were for the worst. However, during the switch of presidents, Oakland natives have continued to work for the healing of our city, to be restored to the people of the land. And to prove it, there is a sign that gives the number of people who populate the city, and you can usually find the signs at the entrance or the exit of each and every city, town, and state. The background normally is green, and there's white or yellow writing giving the accurate information of population. Well, thanks to Donald Lacy and his LoveLife Foundation and the many people who have believed in him supported him and push his vision, now when you enter or exit Oakland, San Leandro, Richmond, or Emeryville, we have several population boards that say Welcome to Oakland. Your LoveLife City changing the narrative of the former curses of our town It then has the population number of the people...with Yellow Doves on some. And that is not easy to do--we had to fight City Council Administration Frank Ogawa Plaza 250 downtown Oakland on Broadway. There were many meetings, lies, backstabbing, and straight up blockage even from those who you would never expect it from. However, Donald Lacy has been successful with his Love Life message. Creating and healing in love, providing platforms for children, teens, young adults, adolescents, everybody. I wonder who will take notice and remember the pillars of our time. Will the newcomers know and understand the layers of Oakland? Which Brings Me to Lisa tiny Garcia, who also has put in work for over 20 years liberating children, mothers, grandfathers and homeless, houseless folks right here in Oakland. Tiny is another key pillar in the tapestry of Oakland Bay Area, building links. Poverty Scholars from across the waters to the level ground. The work of being the Love Life work in ACTION, never KNOWING OR MEETING Donald Lacy... Lisa Tiny Garcia Paves the way. That’s a total of over 40 years of creating a better life for our new culture to sustain. Raising a new generation and breaking the curses plaguing Oakland citizens, Understanding and teaching that Mother Earth is not to be sold and bought... LoveOlutionary Lisa tiny Garcia believes that human beings are not to be swept like trash...

The times have changed from my Parents’ & grandparents’ days.

Even for my time in the sun has been shaded.

Lisa tiny Garcia is THE HEART BEAT OF OAKLAND.

Oakland's movement FUTURE depends on these 2 selfless human beings’ will to keep on keeping on, moving in their purpose and honor.

Spiritually, these 2 work side by side in their missions. Yet have only caught whispers of each other's name, yet on one accord making waves through change, being the change you want to see. You see, it takes the sharing of stories, information, and knowledge of you and me. Together, strategically we can overcome the evils of the world's evildoing workers.

Every generation has a crisis the government has implemented onto the peoples. Whether it's the war on our food (GMO), the putting guns into our communities, the pumping of the crack rock into our mothers’ and babies’ bodies, destroying families, separating them by the incarceration of the fathers, and last but not least the airborne diseases like CORONAVIRUS COVID-19 that is currently in all 50 states, that's GLOBAL... THIS means the world is impacted and this has not been the first time nor will it be the last time.

This is why I write, blog, journal and document my life along with others who have dedicated themselves to leaving behind important information for those left to dwell on Earth until God comes back for us all...

And so I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be at the tables, Hearing conversations of adults who have lived through their time, took notice of the shifts for the new times that they may not live to see and chose to share what they could while they could when they could before taking that last breath...


We’re going to need it. There is nothing new under the sun, this is all warmed up soup.

Beware—what goes up must come down, what goes around comes back around.

The Lessons, if you catch on to what our elders warned, go a lil something like this:

We are impactful beings destroying ourselves and the land. Be NOT Of this WORLD, let it not consume you. The government is corrupt and we are in spiritual warfare. Trust your instincts.

It is by your faith, not by your Sight

You will be COVERED.

And I'm reminded to remember just that.

My life depends on it, and yours do too

I Remember...

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