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By Momii Palapaz

Celebrating Haiti Flag Day all over the UnUnited States-photos from Haiti Action Committee

“Don’t believe the nonsense that you are hearing today in the media, that Haiti is poor. It’s a lie. Our people, your brothers and sisters in Haiti have been one of the most robbed people in the Western hemisphere.” Haiti Action Committee Pierre LaBoisssiere told a rapt crowd of celebrants at the Eastside Arts Alliance 24th Annual Malcom X Day in Ohlone land aka Oakland.  

Trekking the square block-long park, POOR MAGAZINE POOR NEWS NETWORK rep along with supporters and sponsors, passed out leaflets to almost 2000 people before Pierre took the stage. We informed everyone about the grave dangers the Haitian people are facing. Over 200 years ago African slaves, kidnapped and shipped to Haiti said “hell no” and fought for their liberation and independence of the country. Since 1804, the French imperialists and now the unUS has done everything it can to sabotage and disrupt the centuries old movement for freedom. Over 360,000 Haitian people, mostly children, have been displaced by US imperialist violence.

Pierre LaBoissiere, Jabari from the Haitian Action Committee with Rara Tou Limen dancers 

“The country is rich…in mineral resources, in cultural landscape, rich in bauxite, in oil, gold, uranium and… This is what they want. Those greedy imperialists, those greedy colonialists.  They are lying to you.”  Mr. Laboissier continued, “You hear a lot about the gangs in Haiti.  Those gangs are not gangs. They are death squads in the faith of colonialism. Death squads of occupation of Haiti. Since the coup d'etat against President Aristide in 2004, the death squads are there to prevent the people from resisting.” Jean-Bertrand Aristide, now living back in Haiti was violently forced out by the gangs of US, France, Canada and other imperialist powers in 1991. He returned to Haiti in 2011 and lives there.


Those born and raised in the unUS, while much closer to Haiti in distance than Palestine, know less and less about the countries like Haiti that surround Turtle island. The US educational system has been lying and distorting information about the US government's true history in Haiti. The corporate media continues to praise US aid as a deterrent to “gangs” that have political and military support. Kenya has approved and sent thousands of military personnel and weapons to choke the Haitian people and displace millions in the process.   But Pierre of the Haiti Action Committee responded to and explained the disinformation and lies on this momentous occasion. Besides Oakland, Haiti Flag Day was also celebrated in cities across the unUS like Santa Rosa, Indiana, Los Angeles, Denver, Waterloo, Plano, Charlotte and Columbus. 

The Haitian people are never giving up. As Pierre pointed out to the resilience, (Haitians) “have been demanding to complete their revolution, to complete the dream of their foremothers and of their forefathers. Their dream was for the children of Haiti to stand and be and live in dignity to have schools to be able to eat, to want freedom to be able to go where they want to go and (turn) people in a nation into a powerful country. … We look at each other as Malcom says, as African people, as one people who those barbaric folks have taken, kidnapped and put into slavery. So that is what Haiti represents for our brothers and sisters all over……In that spirit I stand here, surrounded by our ancestors. We stand in their memory.  We are calling on you for solidarity.”

Hundreds of Haiti Flag Day events across the unUS took place in honor of May 18th.  Recognizing and honoring the people of Haiti confirms all our conscious efforts to defeat US imperialism and all its gang members, whether here or outside false borders.

All Power To The People of Haiti And Their Revolution


* Stop using U.S. tax dollars to fund the brutal Haitian police and affiliated death squads. 

• Stop the flow of weapons from U.S. to death squads in Haiti

• No more foreign intervention - End the occupation.

• Stop attacking and deporting Haitian refugees.

• Sovereignty and self-determination for Haiti.

For more information, contact the Haiti Action Committee:  POB 2040, Berkeley, CA  94702,

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