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By Chet LeBlanc - poverty skola reporter

Today looking over the Bayview National Black Newspaper of San Francisco I find an interesting story that’s been plaguing the people in the Hunters Point area for years: the so-called cleaning this area up from all chemical waste. This was a naval shipyard for many years. Nuclear waste, chemical waste, you name it. The people in the Hunter’s point area have been suffering for years and years crying out to the leaders to clean this mess up and give reparations to the people in this area who have suffered from the chemical poisoning that they endured. To this day I don’t think that they have been compensated. The fight goes on while the city is telling the people that everything is 100% clean, well I just don’t buy that, so my people let’s talk about it.

The youth in state prisons- the people of San Francisco have elected a new district attorney. Will he or she send the youth to adult prison? In my experience it’s not a good idea, adult prisons today are meant to punish not rehabilitate anyone.

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