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Building the Homefulness of Our Ancestors for Homeless Families

Updated: Apr 10

Houseless/Formerly Houseless Mamas, Elders, and Youth Launch Homefulness #2 with the ancient architecture of our ancestors from all across Mama Earth

When: 10:00 AM Tuesday April 11, 2023

Where: Homefulness #2 7600 BlackArthur(MacArthur) Bl Deep East Huchuin (Oakland)

This event will feature Homes from Our Ancestors Report form Indigenous/formerly houseless Black, Brown Youth from Deecolonize Academy and houseless/formerly houseless builder/founders, poets & cultural workers at Homefulness/POOR Magazine

With Special Guests Kenya Wright- Builder artist, healer from Butterfly Breathworks & Ras K'dee, Afro-Pomo musician, builder from AudioPharmacy

Following the Press Conference there will be a free workshop for the ComeUnity in Natural Building Technologies- Space limited to low/no-income/houseless youth, elders, and families from Huchuin (Oakland)

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