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Broken Settler Shooter

Altar for victims of mass shooters

Guns, WeaPONs


How many can I kill-

Are there still people Alive still- I mean monsters, I mean avatars

I mean the aliens up in the stars

I mean animals driving cars

I mean TechNOLOGY

I mean Streams

I mean These Guns come to me in My dreams

I mean no-one like me

I mean I can buy gadgets and bullit- proof vests-

I can show up online - always fine and right on time

I mean I don’t have to write, or think, or pick up a dirty dish,

Or learn how to do Ish

I don’t have to speak

I can just eat

And sit and never do shit

I mean I do do shit

I write on waves

And drive sports cars with babes,

And live in Mansons

Ad fort- night caves

and if things get really boring

And I just cant stand it anymore

I can make a new avatar with a new story

Cuz I have a purpose -

I have a gun

And I am gonna get better im gonna I learn how

I can go out and kill everyone

These guns come into my dreams

Ive had a Nintendo since I was three



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