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AudreyCandyCorn's Story

March 3rd, 2020 AudreyCandyCorn aka SistahSaveASoul

We all have a story.

And the main characters are always the main characters. A good storyline based on truth will always outshine fictitious sequins on a big screen... Take notice to dramas. Bad news travels faster than good, and most gossip makes for a good tale with a stich of truth... ranging from

zero to 100. Folks actually profit off of the untold situations that arise in the hood, totally shocking what normal is to be. Every once in a while, someone gets to tell or share their story of trial, triggers, to triumph. Often, capitalism is the shark lurking to steal and devour.

Sharing is medicine as well as a killer. Messages from life experience operates as a two-edged sword. Decode me please.

Freedom to simply be... The goal is to reach out and touch someone through our self-help, homemade, in-house distribution from Homefulness Family Book Class where we

do the telling of our very own stories in efforts to bridge the gap between families, culture and articulation of needs. Our method is to educate to relate, and that is why I and my children continue to create content of real life situations to problem solve through interactive books, jingles, protest, journalism, and more. Again, it's a form of medicine, with potential to be a do's and don'ts guide.

But what if you could get paid without the recognition of Hollywood and selling your soul? Well, I can say thanks to the grassroots movements provided by Poor Magazine, I get a stipend for each blog I write. It's not much, but it helps. No strings attached and we can't forget about kiva One Time Independent Funding which has allowed me to provide the messaging through our family-published books, healing ourselves and our community and we need your help. ROUND 2: To continue the purchasing of material so that we may continue to kick out content on gun violence prevention tied to bullying in all of its forms. All donations are welcome, along with purchasing of books.

A surprise recording single will be released in 2022 in honor of The Tazfoundation Department of violence prevention work. I want to give a shout out to PNN (Poor News Network) for sharing the platform across the board uncensored. Which leads me to the stories captured and brought back to life in hopes to be made whole. What Don't kill You Makes You Stronger, our 1st book created our voice to healthy healing. There's an old saying, “Now the secret is out, put it in a book, hide it from them and give it to them food for thought starting with the classic IshyMe Stranger Danger Saga storyline based on a mistaken Identity and death threat (at the tender age of 5). Now 13, still healing with ambition. Most great reads make great movies and we want to be the 1st to share it with you, so if you could purchase a book so that we can continue to be the change in our community providing mental health, hope and healing to the youth as we see ourselves in each other. Making peace—the new cool—while creating family through literacy and wardrobe.

Get a T-shirt, buy a book and join our movement:

LoveOlutionary's Active IshyMe Stranger Danger Saga $20

Disturbance within Myself $20 Or

The Latest New Release Oakland Iraq $20

All inspired by and based on true actual events that almost wiped me out. I was told to write, then encouraged to express, and before I knew it, projects were birthed. Medicine was produced and the supply of the demand is great and has led me to you. If you're reading, this thank you for seeing the value of our work.


Donations help me produce copies of our children's book and provides us with working capital to purchase other promotional items we sell on our school tours / Sliding Scale Cafe .

This is my WHY.


Audrey's story

Audrey Lovell to the family, Candycorn to the community, I was born and raised in Oakland, California, brought to West Oakland at the tender age of eleven. Skinny, fragile, and petrified of my new horrible reality at 10th and Linden, I learned very quickly the West had an unsavory history that would soon be revealed to me. My parents put me in a performing arts school called Cole Elementary that now serves as a police sub station. I can recall my earliest lessons at Cole learning the bare necessities of social interaction, not realizing that I lived and walked the streets of a place known around the world to be one of the most dangerous places to live in America. Early on I told myself that I wasn't going to become a product of my environment! Always looking at the glass halfway full, I managed to NOT slip through the cracks of society like many of my peers. I will never forget the first time I heard a 16 year old girl had been shot and killed nearby my house, her name was LoEsha. What did she do, a victim of the streets? How could God let this happen? I was forever affected by LoEsha's death. Exactly one year later, my son Torian was born. Transitioning from a teen to a single mother was very challenging. By the time I was 28, I was the proud mother of three sons—Torian, Amir and Ziair, born five years apart. 18 months ago I lost my oldest son Torian to violence on the same streets that I grew up on... I've had many jobs over the years, from insurance saleswoman to legal aide to cosmetologist, and I even had my own janitorial service business. Life's challenges sometimes lead to opportunity.

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