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All the beautiful places settlers steal.. To make their vacation homes real…

Lummi Nation Lands (photo by Momii Palapaz)

All the beautiful places settlers steal.. To make their vacation homes real…

Sharp blue skies

Water lapping at rocks

powder clouds

stars up so high

in side a moonlit carpet sky

Thick moss blanketing mamatrees

Aint never seen trees like these..

Sails waving in with soft brushes of ocean breeze

Clear creeks massage

manicured feet

four-legged relatives

Carrying ancestors messages

Houses for one with yards for none

on top of sacred sites with stolen daughters and Suns

Mama Earth’s water squeezed from mama’s tit

lifted and CONsumed

Extracted for oil, gas with deadly drill bits

All the beautiful spaces that settlers steal

Let’s b real

After they’ve destroyed all they have

Search for new spaces

Leaving roads and towns

In rubble after they disCOVER something new to steal and

Tear down

Luumi Nation

(This poemCast from a poverty skola

Goes out to all the 1st nations relatives cut and ripped

From all over Mama Earth )- but today focusing on the settler town they call Bellingham, Ferndale, Lyndon

POOR Magazine/Homefulness /Deecolonize Academy formerly houseless Youth and family povertyskolaz offerring Aztec Dance prayer in so-called Bellingham for ancestors of that land - photo Israel Munoz

“Ometeotl … the copal rose slowly from the backyard of a settler home in so-called Bellingham. My brother,Muteado Silencio, danzante, word-warrior, co-builder/co-founder of Homefulness and youth poverty skolaz/co-suns, Tibu, Amir and Akil and Israel Munoz, all residents of Homefulness, elder Elephant council co-leader Momii Palapaz and myself, tiny, were opening with prayer for Mama Earth and ancestors of this territory as we launched the Land Liberation fundraiser for Homefulness to come to Bellingham.

Bellingham, a “beucolic” town like so many other settler towns in occupied Turtle Island washed and erased of its histories of 1st nations genocide, removal, murder and terror. Now occupied, stolen and settled, Lummi, Nooksack, Samish and Semiahmoo territory filled with rich wite people, and billed by the Tourist extractive industry as one of the “ best places to play” “best place to retire” for it’s beautiful landscapes and multiple waterways and close proximity to rich peoples sports industries like “skiiing” snowboarding, hiking, etc

Arrest record from 1905 Pacific Northwest Sheriffs office

Louis Washington, 11, “half-breed” indian, runaway from “school”

Solis Allen, 10, half-breed” indian, runaway from school

(From 1905 Northwest Sheriffs “Records of Arrest”)

What is barely, if ever spoken about in tour guides and chambers of krapitalist commerce is the violent and brutal genocide known as boarding schools that existed all across Klanada and the United Snakes- many of them in Bellingham and surrounding counties.

And all the fake treaties, massive colonial terror of women and children, the subsequent land theft, and the enslavement and torture of children like Louis and Solis and so many more who would try to run away from the dangerous abusive “schools” filled with pedophiles and predators known as Missionaries, charged with “killing the indian and saving the man”

For five consecutive generations, from roughly 1880–1980, native children across the US were taken from their families and sent to residential schools.

More unspoken Herstory

In addition to the brutality of boarding schools was the violence against all peoples of color trying to live and work, muchless survive in this town. In 1907 a mob of 500 wite settlers beating, terrorizing and kidnapping of over 200 South Asian workers to “scare” them out of town which in addition to the ongoing and brutal attacks on Chinese, Japanese migrants, fueled the codification of a multitude of anti-asian lie-gislations. The implicit and explicit approval and enabling of slavery by following the Dred Scott decision that said descendents of slaves could not be citizens of the United Snakes.

It is into this racist stolen herstory that we humble poor, houseless, Black/Brown, disabled and indigenous peoples from POOR Magazine/Homefulness walk into. Moving in prayer to ancestors and Mama Earth always and lifting up voices of houseless, disabled poor people always intentionally silenced and sharing the medicine of Radical Redistribution, ComeUnity Reparations and Homefulness with fellow poor and houseless youth and elders so they can build their own self-determined solutions to homelessness.

Houseless Native elder in so-called Bellingham, Wa speaking on RoofLess Radio

“PoLice have moved us multiple times,” said Autumn, one of the powerFULL roofLESS radio reporters and houseless survivors of a campaign to sweep and harass every houseless person out of Bellingham, one of the many reasons we were invited up to to so-called Bellingham, with its bloody racist herstory to help poverty skolaz up here launch a Homefulness

“Hi my name is Polly, I am from the Lummi Nation” In 2021 we were first invited up and we did a WeSearch investigation (poor people-led research) our terrifying findings confirmed the sick violence of settler genocide, over 60% of the houseless population getting swept, holding on by a thread , struggling with addiction, homelessness and poverty in so-called Bellingham and nearby towns were the first people of this land that were originally stolen from.

“They are closing the only warming shelter in the snow,” formerly houseless poverty skola, resident of Bellingham, mother of two, POOR Magazine reporter and singer “Sin”shouted to me in one of our poverty skola writing workshops, “its so much violence…

Houseless youth poet Kaiyah, 18

“I struggled with mental illness and drug addiction, i am now sober, writing poetry and getting things done,” said Kaiyah, a houseless youth poverty skola and newest member of the Po Poets Project who came to our first Po Poets workshop at a youth Drop-in Center in so-called Bellingham.

All the beautiful places settlers steal… there is no compassion in Krapitalism..

In a place known by colonizers for “the best place to play”...In the powdery snow covered mountains near the Klanada border, as people drop thousands of dollars a day on a ski trip, how would there be space for compassion in krapitalism.

On stolen land, built with stolen lives and stolen resources- how is there any room for the people who were removed so you could be there… . There has never been any room in the settler colonial terror myth called the American Dream” for any of us they stepped on to build it…

Nation-wide, half of the children did not survive the experience, and many of those who did were left permanently scarred. The resulting alcoholism and suicide, and the transmission of trauma to their own children, has led to social disintegration with results that have been described as genocidal (Ward, 2008). The impacts of this inter-generational trauma, along with the broader impact of colonization, are ongoing…excerpt of Bellingham Racial History Time-line

Tiny and Polly- Houseless Native elder and grandmother of 5 speaking with POOR Magazine RoofLess Radio

The resulting genocide of the residential (school) terror system, the endless and violent sweeps, structural wite supremacist violence, ongoing and violent gentriFUKation, displacement and eviction can’t begin to be repaired with mere apologies, corpRape housing devil-opments, about us without us politricks or settler lies. This is ancestral trauma. This is causation for addiction, incarceration, poverty and homelessness.This is murder. This is ongoing colonial terror. This can only begin to be healed with settler reparations, UnSold Mama Earth, LandBack, multiple and real commitments and truth commissions for generations of time..

All the beautiful places settlers steal…and all the people who had to die to make their vacation homes real…

BuckUp Love Up - Group Up Family we have just begun UnSelling, praying, bringing, teaching, sharing, interdependence and loving Homefulness Bellingham into life.

To see some of the powerFull Houseless youth and elder poets work from the Po Poets /RoofLESS radio Street Writing Workshop go to PoorNewsNetwork on Youtube

To Listen to this and other PoemCasts from a povertyskola - find them on Spotify, itune or Iheart apps


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