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2022 ComeUnity End of Year Letter from POOR Magazine Family

Dear Beautiful ComeUnity and Family, An excerpt from Mama Earth is NOT for Sale, a poem by Tiny Gray-Garcia @povertyskola Mama Earth is NOT for sale Mama Earth is not a paper plate A roll of tape A roller skate An extension cord or computer port Mama Earth gives us all so much The oil for the tape The rubber for the skates The energy the computer takes I know we have all been sold and told That we face eviction and poverty if we don't own her CONtrol her Extract from her Or detract from her But don't you see she was never yours That Indigenous ancestors Written in all of our herstories lore Held her with humble prayersFrom the rivers to the Mama Ocean Shores You were lied to Your silence, like her mountains was mined too So try a dream, a simple treat To stop and breathe the sweet air next to any mama tree To realize so many of us barely survive on the dry concrete That mama earth’s humility Must be protected like our ancestors and the trees No more NOT for SALE Not for your private prison or county jail Your profit margin or whole paycheck kale Mama Earth and all her dirt Is not a product or For income generating BUT for prayer, protection Food growing. care-giving and liberating

UnSelling and UnSettling is the vision and the MamaFestation of Homefulness – with your blood-stained dollars (transformed and prayed into Love-stained Dollars), we have degentriFUKed two beautiful, humble corners of Mama Earth in an intentionally “blighted” poor people of color neighborhood in Deep East Occupied Huchiun (Oakland) . We have permanently housed 14 houseless youth, adults and elders and five houseless cats, dogs, chickens and goats. We have grown and shared healthy organic food, groceries & diapers with over 800 families per week. We have loved, lifted up and honored our ancestors of poverty and poLice Terror. We have produced revolutionary poor people-led radio and media. We have educated and graduated over 24 young people in poverty (ages 3-19). We have supported, with rent, food, transportation and ComeUnity Reparations, over 480 families and elders. And we are now welcoming in our relatives from Wood Street Commons, who have been brutally evicted by Settler Colonial lies of Rent, Eviction and Mama Earth exploitation from their neighborhood (encampment) by DPW, PoLice and politricks. We have created cultural work, theater, books and prayer with/for countless fellow poor authors, actors, writers and prayer-bringers… We are a living breathing movement of poor, houseless, indigenous peoples-led self-determination in a time when poor and houseless people are increasingly being violently swept, evicted, incarcerated and killed. So please help us UnSell more of MamaEarth. We have been invited into Pacific Northwest Turtle Island, so-called Bellingham, Chief Siahl (Seattle) and Olympia, WA to launch a Homefulness project there. We are trying to immediately build natural, earth-based homes (like our ancestors) for Homefulness #2 on BlackArthur, and we would like to unSell and DegentriFUK a third space here on BlackArthur in Deep East Oakland. On behalf of every one of us poor, houseless, indigenous, disabled and oppressed peoples, residents of Homefulness, members of POOR Magazine, and families of Deecolonize Academy, we thank you for all of the monetary, physical, and spiritual support that every one of you have given us over this past year. Please continue to support us - buy a hoodie or a mug ( or just send your love-stained dollars! In Love and Struggle, POOR Magazine Family 2022 has been a herstoric year at POOR Magazine. In the midst of the year’s many traumas, we have continued doing what we always have: fighting to dismantle the lies of crapitalism and wealth-hoarding from the bottom up and responding to the needs of poverty skolaz across Pachamama:

  • After 11 year battle, we resisted & “won” shitty hall politricks & FINALLY MOVED 14 HOUSELESS YOUTH, ADULTS & ELDERS INTO HOMEFULNESS #1

  • DEECOLONIZE ACADEMY is in our 9th year with graduates becoming teachers

  • 11th year of SLIDING SCALE CAFÉ, a healthy food, groceries , diapers & media, support radical redistribution (mutual aid) for deep east oakland every Thursday

  • LISTEN TO PNNKEXU 96.1FM every Tuesday & Thursday, multi-generational radio programming

  • Re-Launched in person peopleskool for East Oakland poverty skolaz with Theatre of the Poor and Po Peoples Radio workshop series

Here are more 2022 highlights: People Skool Decolonization/DegentriFUKation Seminar on Zoom We held TWO People Skool seminars for people with race, class, and/or formal education privilege.When Mama and Me Lived Outside Film Screenings The animated short film based on Tiny's children's book of the same name, won its 15th award this year. The film had several screenings this year, including at the Peoples Film Fest in Harlem, the Seattle Social Justice Film Fest, and the SF Latino Film Festival.Stolen Land/Hoarded Resources UnTour thru kkkolumbia University in Occupied Lenape Lands This June POOR Magazine went on the Road for an Un-Tour to occupied Lenape territory aka New York City. We walked alongside thousands of evicted & displaced NYC residents, made houseless by akkkademic institutions like kkkolumbia Univeristy, feeding the Dorm Industrial complex.Homefulness #3 & POOR Magazine in the Pacific Northwest (PNW) This year we continued to build the sacred branch of the solidarity tree, supporting Houseless relatives struggling with sweeps violence with revolutionary media, healthy food and ComeUnity Reparations. We held a Po’ Poets Workshop in so-called Bellingham, RoofLess Radio in so-called Olympia, and Po’ Poets of POOR Magazine & PNW did a book reading at Clara’s Books at Chief Siahl (Seattle).Rehearsals have begun for Crushing Wheelchairs, a new Theatre of the Poor production Stay connected to hear about upcoming performances!

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