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Get Rich

Get Rich

By Revolutionary Worker Scholar

It was the last day of my security guard job. I had a stain in the collar of my blue shirt that refused to come out and the scent that a skunk shared with me during my nightly bike ride home 5 months ago still lingered on my fur (fake) lined security officer’s jacket.


Filipino American History Month

Who is to say the weeds Are not the roots?

Who is to say the roots Are not the weeds?


-–Poet Al Robles from the poem "Tagatac in Ifugao Mountain"





Nelson was this big

Irish kid that lived

Up the street from

My grandma

He used to hang out

With this black kid

Named "D" who lived

Near him

Nelson’s hair was brown

And unkempt which

Made it all the more


He wore Ben Davis pants

And sometimes he’d walk

Sayaw Ng Mandirigma (Dancing with the warriors)

The journey to the homeland for a worker, a father an Escrimador!

Earth, Wind and Obama

An open letter to Barack Obama from PNN


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