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If I Were A Bell: A Tribute to Teena Marie

Lady T
By Tony Robles

I’m for the real…and for you I’m true blue
--Lover Girl by Teena Marie

Bird On A Wire: The Raven Speaks out on KRON 4's Stanley Roberts of "People Behaving Badly"

(Note: Stanley Roberts is the host of a TV segment called "People Behaving Badly" on San Francisco TV outlet KRON 4..."The News Station". The segment includes footage of people deemed to be behaving badly in real time. It includes the "Bad Behavior" of many, excluding the bad behavior of Stanley Roberts because it is assumed--by this writer anyway--that Mr. Stanley Roberts never behaves badly...ever. Enjoy)

Bird on a wire: The Raven speaks out on Stanley Roberts

Pacquaio: A Security Guard's Perspective

Pacquiao: A Security Guard’s Perspective
By Revolutionary Worker Scholar

The Wall Heater

The Wall Heater

(For my father on Thanksgiving)

By Revolutionary Worker Scholar


i was in my bed

which was basically

a mattress that sat flat

on a hardwood floor



it was near a heater

that was mounted in

the wall covered in a layer

of dust


on the other side

of it was my father's

bed where he slept with

his wife

Unolding the Flag

Unfolding the Flag

By Revolutionary Worker Scholar

There’s a flagpole

Rag and the

Wind won’t stop

--The police, "King of Pain"

Bird on a wire: A raven speaks out on the blue angels and other things

Bird on a wire: A raven speaks out on the blue angels and other things

By Revolutionary Worker Scholar

Note: I was lucky to encounter the raven after many weeks of trying. I endured its laughter while trying to coax it from its wire with breadcrumbs. After 2 weeks of this, the raven finally granted me a much-coveted interview about the Blue Angels.

Q: What do you think of the blue angels?

A: I don’t stay up nights thinking about them

Q: Why not?

A Letter to Tim Lincecum's Mother (Nanay)

Letter to Tim Lincecum’s Mother (Nanay)

By Revolutionary Worker Scholar


The speed of light

Is a vision

That looks right

Back at you

--Tiburcio Garcia-Gray


Dear Mrs. Lincecum:

Brown Pride: A letter to New UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez

Brown Pride: A Letter to Cain Velasquez

Dear Brother Cain,


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