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Made to be Broken

Revolutionary worker scholar I am--that's what POOR Magazine calls me--and I am out of work again. You might remember an article I wrote a few months back where I spoke of the non-profit organization in the city that gave me the boot after a year of altruistic service to my fellow man and woman. The organization is still there--in fact I saw the woman who fired me. She came through the front door of a donut shop on Market Street. I darted to the rear of the donut shop like a mouse. All the verbs and adjectives and expletives I'd saved for a chance meeting with this woman disappeared.

Stars and Gripes: Pacquiao vs. Mosley

Stars and Gripes: Thoughts on Pacquiao vs. Mosley


Cleaning Lady

Cleaning Lady


Highly vulnerable and easily exploitable

Monday, February 15, 2010;

People protest the treatment of sex workers

Voices shouted out on Polk Street near Sutter Street in San Francisco. Organized by Rachel West of US PROS (US Prostitutes Collective), a group gathered to protest the treatment and plight of sex workers. This is a highly vulnerable and easily exploited group that now faces further oppression by an increasingly aggressive SF Police force.

Notes of an Uncle Tom

Tom, Tom…Come in Tom. Do you read me Tom?”


Saturday, July 17, 2010;

“Our worst men lock up our best men”

--Charles Bukowski


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Filipino Scholar, Poet and San Francisco Community Leader Honored with a “Living Library” in Black History Month


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