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New York Uproots Private Crops in Manhattan Park

(Editor's note: This story is reprinted from the New York Times June 24, 2011 issue for educational purposes only.  Photos by Ozier Muhammad and Angel Franco)



Poem for a Brother who Tends to Overtalk me

We’ve known each

Other for a

Short time


But it seems we’ve

Stuffed years into

That short space


He speaks of women, his

Military service, more about

Women, his health

Women…and women again


Takes 9-10 pills a

Day for as many



Sometimes we’ll speak

On politics or something

Heavier and his voice

Will rise







We’re two working

Men going at our

Own pace


He’s just a



We’re both born

In this city and work

At an apartment complex

Housing the affluent


He mops and sweeps the

Marble floors while I greet

Residents who inquire about the

Status of their dry cleaning


What Good is a Security Job?

What Good is a Security Job?


What good is a

security job when

an unarmed guard is

getting such little pay

to risk their life


To protect a rich

man's plantation

with their life


And they can treat

you any way they

like and get away

with it while you're



On the plantation

with them working

for then guarding

Friday Night Fights with PNN (Not ESPN)

Reno, Nevada-
“He is my favorite fighter,” Santiago, 7, looked up at me. Not a young man of many words, that’s all Santiago said and then showed me a color photograph of him with his father, small hands covered in boxing gloves bigger than him. Through Santiago’s eyes, I saw the love and hope of thousands of Mexicano young boys and their fathers in diaspora, past the lies of Amerikkka false borders, and low or no wage work, to the dreams of the first Mexicano heavyweight boxing champion to be, Chris Arreola, from Riverside, Ca, by way of East La

Eating is an Agricultural Act

Eating is an Agricultural Act



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