Court Watch

The Crime of Mothering While Poor

Poor mothers and children all over the U.S. continue to be separated by the classist and racist Foster Care and CPS system

Foster Care, A Mother's Nightmare

Courtwatch interviews a mother whose family was torn apart by Foster Care System

Protecting Who?

The Role of Child Protective Services in the María Teresa Macias Case

Rebecca's Story - in her own words


COURTWATCH interviews a Mother who filed her own lawsuit against Child Protective Services

Courtwatch is a media advocacy project of POOR Magazine, dedicated to helping low-income parents struggling with adversarial judicial systems.

But, What are the Charges?

A mother is profiled, harassed, arrested and loses her child for walking while Black in the Mission.

I'm Gonna Take Their Kingdom Down! Part 2

Mother continues the fight to get justice within the Child Protective Services and Foster Care System.

I'm Gonna Take Their Kingdom Down!

Mother fights Child Protective Services and The Foster Care System to get her daughter back.

Case Study #1: Ann

An outline of a familiy's struggle with Child Protective Services


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