Court Watch

Not an unfit mama!

Another mama of color loses her children to CPS because of her religious beliefs

Penetrating the System

The unsafe and unchecked systems of Foster Care and Child Protective Services for youth living in that system

Nobody Cares...

Youth Who was victim of severe abuse and neglect in the Foster Care system Is Held in Daughter's Killing

A mother and son fight back <br>Rebecca's Story pt 2

A follow-up interview with a mother and son who sued Child Protective Services 14 years after they broke their family apart

As a Single mother

One low-income mother's story..

The Big Business of Separating Families

A low-income African-American woman loses her kids to the well-financed system of Child Protective Services

The Accusation –a narrative essay

Mothers and Fathers resist the lies of CPS and the Foster Care System

In The Best Interests of the Child??

A family lose their little girl to the slippery slope of disinformation and mistruths of the CPS system

The Crimes of CPS

A PNN letter to the Editor


$1-million payout to a mother whose child died in Foster Care is Ok’d. LA County Board Supervisor Gloria Molina, moved by the mother’s plea, vows answers in the case.


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